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Crystal cleansing and charging

Charging your crystals is in some ways the opposite of clearing
them. When you clear a crystal you are removing any unwanted

For example, when you first get a crystal you may want to clear it of
any energy it picked up on its way to you. If you've been doing a lot
of emotional healing and releasing with your crystals you'll also
want to clear them because crystals may absorb the energy you've

Crystals should be periodically cleared even if you haven't been
using them for meditation or healing work, if only because they do
get dusty. (This is sometimes called cleaning).

See the article on clearing crystals at for more information on this.

When you charge crystals you're basically giving them the chance to
refresh their ability to focus and expand their energy. There are
several reasons to do this.

1. Sometimes after you've cleared a crystal its energy may seem a
little dull or flat.

2. A crystal which hasn't been worked with for a while may also feel
this way.

3. If you notice that a crystal has become cloudy you may want to
both clear and activate it.

4. If you want to program a crystal for a special purpose, before you
program it you may want to activate its energy for that purpose.

Charging Methods

1. Place crystals in the reflected light of Austrian crystals, i.e.,
where the rainbows from such crystals fall. (Note: Austrian crystals
are leaded glass, hence human-made crystals). The crystals can remain
in place for as long as the Austrian crystals are reflecting sunlight.

2. Place crystals on a quartz cluster. Quartz amplifies the energy of
any crystal with which it is in contact.

3. Crystals can also be activated with sound.

* Put a crystal near a single-note chime and strike the chime gently
several times. This has a harmonizing effect on the crystal.

* If you like to chant and make it a regular practice do so in the
presence of your crystals, especially if you want to use them as part
of your meditational practice.

4. Your thoughts can have an activating or de-activating effect on
crystals. If your thoughts have been gloomy and you've also been
noticing that your crystals have gotten cloudy or dull, you'll
realize that they've been absorbing your negativity. In this case do
not delay in clearing them thoroughly.

To activate crystals with your thoughts you could hold them in your
hands and visualize them bathed in light and love. You can also tell
them (either silently or aloud) how much you appreciate them. They
may not understand the words (and, then again, they may), but your
intention will be clearly transmitted.

Reiki Charging

If you are a Reiki I practitioner you can charge your crystals with
Reiki energy by holding them in your hands and activating this energy
within you in whatever ways your Reiki Master may have taught you how
to do this. One method is to say "Reiki on." Another is to give
yourself or someone else a Reiki treatment before charging your

If you are a Reiki II practitioner you can draw the symbols over your

* For simple charging you can draw the energy symbol over a crystal.

* When I want to use a crystal to help clear up some mental and/or
emotional confusion I hold it in one hand and draw the
mental/emotional balance symbol over it.

* When I plan to program a crystal for a goal I draw the distant
healing symbol over it, and sometimes the others afterwards.

* I have experienced that the master attunement symbol on the other
symbols to that of a quartz crystal on other crystals. Thus, you can
activate the symbols (and your crystals) with this symbol if you're a
Reiki Master.

Special-Purpose Activation

You may want to charge the land you live on with crystalline energy
by burying crystals in the earth. (Be sure you note or write down
where you buried them. A map would be a good idea.)

Some people like to program crystals, then bury them in their gardens
to help in an abundant crop. If you'd like to charge your crystals in
preparation for this you can bury them in dried flowers. (If you are
using potpourri make sure that it isn't artificially scented.)

At any time of year (providing the ground isn't frozen) you can bury
one near a tree. This could either be a tree which is your favorite,
or one associated with a particular positive value.

Oaks symbolize strength, junipers purification, and pine trees in a
number of cultures are associated with healing.

You can also get particular results when you place a crystal in
sunlight. This is one of the most powerful ways to charge your
crystal with active energy, i.e., energy which will help you to
manifest what you want.

This is useful if you want to create an increase in some area of your
life, such as increased vitality, income, love. Put the crystal out
in the sun, then program it for your intention.

There are particular times in the solar cycle which have special
energies. The fall equinox is associated with harvest, and you might
want to charge a crystal at this time for the fulfillment of your
dreams. The spring equinox relates to growth.

In general, moonlight has two phases, waxing and waning, and two
other times of significance: the full moon and the dark of the moon.
The energy of the waxing moon relates to new beginnings. The full
moon corresponds to abundance in all areas of life. The waning moon
connects to decrease (decrease of an illness, of debt, of
negativity); while a crystal charged in the dark of the moon would be
helpful for meditation or any other kind of inner work.

Crystals and Pyramids

Pyramids generate negative ions. In addition, they are believed to
have a generally balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the
body. This effect is enhanced by the particular materials used, such
as pure 24K gold and copper.

Pyramids are often used to charge crystals. This is a popular use for
pyramids. It is generally believed that quartz crystals are most
effective for this use, as they may hold the charge for several
weeks. These crystals can then be used for healing purposes or for
Pyramid charging, however, is good for any crystal which seems to
need it. 

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