Friday, November 30, 2012

Start Fresh - A Ceremony of Letting Go

By Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air (SkyLight
Paths, 2003).

As we start a fresh New Year, many of us are really feeling the
Weight of our emotional baggage and stuck habits. But there’S
Help! These simple, effective rituals practiced by people from all
Around the world can help us to let go of our old issues.

If you have a habit you want to release (like smoking, compulsive
Eating, or chronic complaining, for example), or if old emotions are
Weighing on you, the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air--and the
Power of your own focused intention--can help you to transform these
Burdens from the past so you can feel lighter and ready to begin
Anew. You can do any or all of these four simple elemental
Ceremonies. They have worked for thousands of years to help people
Feel free.

1. First, give some real time and thought to the things you want to

2. Now write them on one very small piece of biodegradable paper for
Every element you want to ask for help. (Really stuck stuff may need
All four!)

3. Choose one or more of the following rituals. As you perform each
One, be sure to ask the element for help and thank it when you are


The all-embracing Earth takes everything back into herself, slowly
Transforming all things into the essential elements of which they
Are20made. Bury your paper, marking the spot with a stone, if you
Like. When you see the stone, be reminded of the process going on
Underneath it. Earth is slowly helping your issues to transform.


Flowing Water is a wonderful purifier, cleansing and making things
New. Take your paper to a river or stream and tear it into tiny
Pieces, then offer them to the water. If you don’t have moving
Water nearby, you may flush the papers down the toilet. (Be sure your
Paper is really small!)


Lively Fire changes everything into itself with lots of lovely light
And heat. Burn your paper in a safe receptacle (with proper
Ventilation and water nearby), watching as the transformative power
Of fire turns your paper into flame and smoke and ash.


The Air carries our intentions outward, bringing in new hope like a
Fresh breeze. Take your paper to a high place and tear it into tiny
Pieces, then release them into the air. Watch as they flutter and
Float downward.

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