Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yule table tipping ~ Susan Sheppard

Yule is a perfect time to contact the ghosts of ancestors or the spirits that inhabit your home. You can make contact through an old-fashioned table tipping, a Spiritualist technique that I learned from my aunt.

To start, locate a sturdy wooden table.
Arrange four “believers” around the table.
Each person should place their palms flat on the table and chant:

“Up table, up! Up table, up!”
At this point, you may hear creaking or other such noises.
One side of the table should rise up and crash back down. (Watch your table hop across the room!) After the table is energized, ask questions:
“Are there spirits in this house?” and so on. If you hear two taps, this means “yes.” One tap means “no.”

If the spirits are willing, ask if there is someone they wish to communicate with? Or ask:
“Did we know you in life, spirit?”

This should be a fun, energizing ritual before Yule. Unlike using the Ouija board, table tipping is safe for children when adults are present.

 Check out this site about  table tipping in the 1900's

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