Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Pagan first bithday tradition ~ The Birthday Rattle

This makes a wonderful gift for a pagan friend or child. It is especially nice for a first birthday. It is a rattle with shapes painted on it for each year of a person’s life. When you give it to someone leave the shape blank for the birthday they are having. When they are given it they are to make a wish and shake the rattle as much as they like envisioning their wish coming true. Throughout the day they focus on their wish and shake the rattle. Before bed they focus one last time on the wish shake the rattle some more and fill in shape. Then outline the shape for the next birthday.

Getting ready:
You will need the following: water balloon, newspaper cut in 1 inch strips, flour, water, acrylic paints, high gloss clear polyurethane spray, stick or dowel rod, beans, gravel or jingly bells to make noise, optional: ribbon, feathers charms, beads for extra embellishments. Special tools hot glue gun and a hole-maker drill bit the size of your stick or dowel.

Getting Started:
1.Mix flour and water to make thick goo the consistency of pancake batter. Blow up you water balloon and begin covering with strips of newspaper dipped in the goo. Change directions of the paper with each layer. Only do 3 layers at a time. Let it dry and do some more. Nine layers are good.
2.While that is drying sand your stick or dowel if needed.
3.When it is completely dry drill a hole at narrow end the width of your stick. Add noisemaker materials and ram stick thru the hole. Hot glue it in place.
4.Paint the rattle part and stick if you wish. The stick could also be wood burned with magical symbols.
5.Choose what shape you want to mark the years with perhaps stars, moons, suns, hearts etc. Paint the outline only of the shape marking this birthday only. All other shapes should be filled in.
Finishing Up
6.Sprays a couple coats of clear to protect it.
7.Tie ribbons, cords, feathers or charms where the rattle meets the stick.

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