Friday, November 23, 2012

Peanut Men ~ a Yule Kids craft

I found this picture on "Better Gnomes and Cauldrons, but they had no directions, so I created some. These can be made as necklaces, tree ornaments, present decorations and even door bling. This makes a wonderful school craft or after school craft. Your kids can create nice gifts for their friends or relatives.

- 1 pkg peanuts in skins
- acorn caps one for each peanut
- medal ring nails or wire to make them
- extra yarn                                                             
- paint in as many colors as you wish
- magic markers with fine points in black, blue and red
- thin ribbon, jute, string, or yarn to make hanger
1. First paint peanut either the entire thing or leave natural and paint clothing. Allow to dry. attach the medal ring through the cap and secure. Then glue the cap on the peanuts head. Paint face. And attach the string and tie. Add a yarn scarf if wanted or medal arms

2.   For a neckless make it around 20-25 inches so it can go over your head while still being tied.
  For a tree ornament make it about 8 inches.
  For door Bling make it 10 inches.

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