Friday, November 23, 2012

Using Essential Oils for Arthritis By JC Shannon

Arthritis is a disease millions of people suffer from every day. While it's pretty rare that anyone has been able to cure it, arthritiscan be treated and controlled. The use of essential oils is one of the best and safest ways to treat and control the pain caused by arthritis.
There are two types of pain-acute and chronic-which affect the systems of the body. Acute in general refers to pain that will end ie pain caused by burns, broken bones, headaches, etc. Chronic, on the other hand, refers to pain that is persistent, wearing and gets worse with time rather than better-arthritis, for example. Arthritis attacks the joints, quite often the hands due to their complex arrangement of joints, bones and tendons.

When treating joint pain caused by arthritis the first thing to do is look at your diet. Decrease your intake of simple carbohydrates and avoid coffee and red meat. Increase your vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, wheat germ and oily fish.
Massage with essential oils is one of the most effective methods of relief found for arthritis. Some believe arthritis can be cured if caught and treated quickly enough. There is not enough evidence to say whether that is true but the treatment suggested is extremely helpful in providing relief and making it possible to control the level of pain and the amount of activity you can do.
The following is an arthritisbath blend that some have found helpful. For each bath you add 2 handfuls of Epsom salt and one of rock salt, and 4 drops of the following blend:
Fennel 30 drops
Cypress 16 Drops
Juniper 10 Drops
This bath treatment is best used daily for only two weeks. While using it, don't use any other treatments including any other essential oils. (Before using, make sure you are not allergic to any of the oils used in the blend.)
After the two weeks, you can massage any of the following essential oils into the joints that are affected: Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Lavender, Yarrow, Peppermint, Niaouli, Calendula, Eucalyptus (any), Angelica, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Pettitgraine, Black Pepper, and Rosemary.
Your best method would be to try out the different ones and see which will work best for you. Sandalwood is good for smoothing out the skin and when mixed with Lavender has a lovely scent to it as well. Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, and Eucalyptus work well as a blend. The Peppermint helps the blood move while also helping to cool down any inflammation.
We also offer a blend called Tension Release which, when combined with Helichrysum and Jojoba Oil and massaged into the affected joints, is wonderfully invigorating and helps alleviate the pain.
When using any essential oils for massage, always add a few drops of whatever oils you use to at least a tablespoon of a carrier oil. Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) is one of the best because the skin absorbs it well. Also use a teaspoon of Jojoba Oil in your blend.
Arthritis can be a crippling and extremely painful problem that will last until you die. But it can be managed and, in particular, managed without using drugs. We here at Rocky Mountain Oils provide some of the best Essential Oils on the market which will help you in your efforts to control the effects of this disease so that it won't control you.

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