Friday, November 30, 2012

~ Imbolc Seven Day Ritual ~

~ Imbolc Seven Day Ritual ~

You will need:

Seven White Candles
Candle Holders
7 pieces of paper and a pen

Prepare your altar and place the seven white candles in a circle around
your pentagram (or centrally if you do not have one). Next, on a piece of the
paper, write a review of the past year - the good, the bad and the ugly!

On the Eve of Imbolg, at Sundown, take the first candle, the one that is
in the Eastern Quarter and hold it for a few minutes while you visualize
your past year. Now place it into the holder and light it, watching the flame
for a few minutes. Next, burn the review you have made while focusing
upon any new plans you have and visualizing leaving behind past mistakes.

On Imbolg, write an outline of six projects or/and wishes that you have
for the new year and roll each up like a scroll. Place these upon the altar
and each day when you rise, light another candle (holding and blending
your energy with its own first) moving in a clockwise rotation. Burn the
corresponding paper when you go to bed and focus upon the wish you have

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