Thursday, November 29, 2012


Cut a disc of wood from a branch of a fruit-bearing tree and engrave a symbol of protection onto it, eg. a protective Rune. As you do this, envisage what or who it is that you wish to protect.

When the engraving is finished sand and polish the disc or wood as desired and when finished, enclose it in darkness - a box, a light-proof bag or wrap it in black cloth.

Charging and naming the talisman

Working on a Full Moon, collect together everything you will need and cast a circle or create sacred space. Whilst working, you should use full concentration and visualize the appropriate energies flowing into the talisman.

Rotate the box or bag containing the talisman nine times, calling upon the power that you intend it to have. Then, for the moment of its symbolic birth, bring it out into the light once more.

To name it, pass the talisman three times over a candle flame and call upon the powers of light and life to empower the talisman with their full strength. Then, sprinkle seawater or water with seasalt added to it over the talisman whilst chanting:

As I sprinkle water over you, I name you... (Name of talisman)
By Air and Water, Earth and Fire.

It is now necessary to make a spell stating the function of your talisman such as:

(Name of talisman), who bears my will,
I charge you to do as commanded
For the purpose of (state what it will do and where it will do it).
May this talisman work my will
In accordance with eternal laws

Finally, visualize three interlinked circles over and around the talisman and close down the sacred space/circle. The working may be closed down with a spell such as:

Now the work is finished
Where (Name of talisman) has been brought out of the dark nothingness into this world.
In the name of the elements (or another appropriate deity or power).

The talisman is now ready, fully empowered.

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