Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I need is a picture to make it


Make or buy mini brownies
green icing in tube dispencer with leaf attachment
Red hots and small ball mints
a strawberry for each mini brownie
Lucky charm marshmellows flattened and cut into stars for the top

Prepare and cool the mini brownies
Cut the bottom stem from the strawberry and frost the bottom and attach to brownie. repeat with rest.
Starting from the bottom make leaves all around the strawberry in a single row, do next row, and next until you reach the top. repeat with all the trees
 add a few red and white bulbs and the star on top.


Either buy chocolate covered cherries or make your own for this wonderful holiday craft your kids ccan do for you.

For each turkey you will need
1 chocolate covered cherry
1 peanut butter chip for the nose
white icing  for eyes
chocolate chips (melted) for eyes and to attach beak and wattle
red tic tac for wattle


pine branch or pine needles from your yule tree
two buckets one larger than the other but only a couple of inches smaller around

Fille the bucket part way and add the smaller bucket insidesuspending ot by either a wire or something that will hold it in place. add cranberries and pine needles and freeze. Once frozen take out of buckets and put in freezer until eady to use. the gallon sized ice cream buckets make a great outer bucket and a coffee can as the inside bucket use plastic or wrap in plastic wrap if using a medal can

Strawberry Santa's

frosting, cool whip, or cheese cake (my fav) filling
black sesame seeds

Cut the leaves off the strawberries. Then cut of the top 1/3 of the berry as a hat and the fill the strawberry adding it up a little for the face. top gentally with the hat and put a drop on as a tassle and buttons. add sesame seed eyes and you are done


Make chocolat cup cakes as directed or buy them. frost with a string attachment or a leaf attachment with green frosting. Make or buy merringue mushrooms and lay or stand on each cup cake. they look wonderful sitting next to a yule log with mushrooms to tie together extra unexpected servings or as a take hole gift at your Yule celebration

Thses are made marshmellow fondant and an vision. all you need is an idea and a sharp knife and a rolling pin. Let your kids go wild creating these

Jack Skellingtom cup cakes

No Samhain (Halloween) or Yule (Christmas) is complete in my family without some Jack cup cakes.
White icing as a base.
Then make uneven circles for eyes and a line with haphazard marks across it like stitches and two nose holes with black frosting. You will be surprised how well they come out. My daughters wedding cake held a Jack skellington as the anniversery cake. She loves a nightmare before Christmas


For each one you will need
1 regular marshmellow
2 candy eyes
1 red hot
1 stick
2 mini pretzels
chocolate bark or chocolate chips melted

Insert stick in the back 1.3 of a marshmellow turned on it's side. dunk in melted chocolate and attach the eyes, nose and ears fast before the chocolate melts.

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