Friday, November 30, 2012

Elemential magick ~ Protection

To begin, open all windows and doors to allow negativity to easily
vacate your house.

The act of opening up your house at the very least replaces the stale air
with fresh. It is also part of the ritual of purification and is symbolic of your
intention to clean thehouse.

Fresh air and sunshine also help sweep and burn away negativity.

As with most magical deeds, household purification must be backed up
with physical work; thus a purification of the house begins with scrubbing the floors and
washing the windows. Because like attracts like, dirty, unkempt houses-with no order
whatsoever-practica lly invite disturbing vibrations. Even if your home
isn't scrupulously neat, it's in order if you know where everything is.

While cleaning the house, see yourself washing away all the sorrows and
problems that have accumulated there. Even if you are unable to see or sense them,
imagine their presence anywa y. See the dirt in the water (on the sponge or mop) as
containing that negativity. Immediately dispose of such contaminated water outside.

After vacuuming, remove the bag, take it outside and replace it with a fresh one.

Once the house is physically clean, you are ready to start the magical

The Element Purification

This rite utilizes the powers of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire,
Water) to cleanse the home. At a time when you are alone in the home, or in the presence
of family members or housemates, assemble on a table the following items:

a.. A bowl or flat dish of salt
b.. An incense burner (censer)
c.. Frankincense (or any other sweet-fumed incense sticks, cones or
d.. A white candle
e.. A bowl of clean, pure water
Light the incense and candle. Stand before the table and open yourself
to your home. Feel
its energies. Really tune in to any impressions you receive.

After a mo ment, hold you hands over the assembled tools and say
something like the following (feel free to improvise):

I charge you, tools of the elements,

To sweep my house clean of all ill and bane.

This is my will, so mote it be!

Take the dish of salt and, moving clockwise around the house, throw a
pinch of salt into each corner of every room, saying the following or similar words:

By the powers of Earth, I cleanse this house!

In your imagination, see the salt burning away negativity as you
sprinkle and toss it.
Your purification will be as strong as your visualization.

Also throw pinches into cupboards and closets, through open windows and
doors, into attics and basements, and in the garage

Next, set the salt down and pick up the incense. While incense smokes,
carry it on the same route you used with the salt. Holding it before open windows and
doors and in the corners of each room, visualize the smok e clearing away all negativity
and evil. Say the following at regular intervals:

By the powers of Air, I cleanse this house!

Once you have walked through the whole house, return the censer and take
the lit candle on the same route. Again, visualize, moving clockwise and holding the
flame before windows and doors, seeing it shining forth with magical power, burning
away negativity.

Every so often say:

By the powers of Fire, I cleanse this house!

Finally replace the candle on the table and take up the bowl of water.
Sprinkle water throughout the house in every corner and exits and entrances.

Toss some drops at an through windows. See and know that the water is washing away ills with a tidal wave of magical power. Say the following:

By the powers of Water, I cleanse this house!

Set the bowl on the table and stand for a few minutes in the house. It
should feel calmer, more peaceful, fresh and clean. If not, repeat the ritual.

Close the doors and windows, and, if time permits, leave the salt,
incense, candle and water together on the table until the candle burns itself out and the
incense is reduced to ash.

Scott Cunningham

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