Thursday, November 29, 2012

A teen witches beauty chant

Chanting and breathing were commonly used by the ancients to stimulate their well-being and awaken their spiritual natures. While this chant is borrowed from the Navajo tradition, similar chants and prayers are found in many other indigenous cultures. The Beauty Chant can be a lovely daily morning prayer: its simple yet powerful words will help you become stronger and more present in your body. It can also be sung or stated any time of the day as a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us all and is within each of us, all the time.

You may use this chant when you are feeling negative–or when you are brimming over with the beauty of the world! It will help to lift you up and bring you back to a more positive and strong place, or help you to express your appreciation of beauty. It is also a powerful reminder that you can be beautiful just as you are. Say the chant here:

Beauty before me.
Beauty behind me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty above me.
Beauty beside me.
Beauty within me.
I see beauty all around.
In beauty may I walk.
In beauty may I see.
In beauty may we all be.
Adapted from Teen Psychic, by Julie Tallard Johnson (Inner Traditions, 2003).

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