Thursday, November 29, 2012

Faery boats craft

from the book: Moon Magick by: D. J. Conway

To make faery boat lights, use walnut shell halves. If you can't get walnut shells, use very small pieces of thin wood. Break birthday candle in half. Drip how wax into the shell until you can anchor the tiny candle. Take a wide bowl of water outside and put it in a spot where you can sit comfortably and watch it.
Light each candle, and float the faery boat in the bowl of water. Ring a tiny bell to entice the Dryads closer; they will already be curious.

Come, Little Ones, join in my play
And we'll be friends both night and say.
Strange realms we'll seek; in fantasy
Explore the Earth and sky and sea.
Show me the powers of Elements,
Knowledge old, ingredients
Of spells and potions, magick true.
And I shall be strong friends with you.

Sit quietly and listen for strange rustlings in the leaves of the trees. Soon
you should feel the presence of the Dryads. They like to play in your hair or
brush against you. If you are having trouble with certain plants, inside or
outside, ask for their help in healing and coaxing the plants to do better.
Since the faery boat lights are in water, you can leave them to burn out if you

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