Thursday, November 8, 2012

belly button divination

Also known as Omphilomancy)

This form of divination takes two forms. One is based on the
interpretation of the belly button. Its size and shape reveals the
personality and fate of an individual. However as far as it would
correlate to body reading, I would say that a deep "inny" would
correlate to an introverted personality, and an "outy" to more of an
extroverted personality.

According to Dr Gerhard Reibmann, a Berlin psychologist and author of
the privately published book "Centered: Understanding Yourself through
your Navel", he recommends that to tell how long you'll live, go to a
private, well-lit area and carefully inspect your own navel. Then,
compare what you've observed with the list of six navel types and their
associated characteristics.

1) The Horizontal Navel. This belly button is oblong in shape and
spreads sideways across the tummy. People with horizontal navels are
complex and highly emotional. This can take a toll on their health.
Average life expectancy: 68 years.

2) The Vertical Navel. Also oblong, this belly button stands on end,
running up and down along the tummy. It indicates a person who is
self-confident, generous, and emotionally stable. Average life
expectancy: 75 years.

3) The Outty. A belly button that protrudes outward indicates an
optimistic person who approaches life with enthusiasm. Average life
expectancy: 72 years.

4) The Concave Navel. This belly button is bowl-shaped or inward. It
belongs to a person who is gentle, loving, cautious, sensitive, and
prone to worry. People with concave navels are delicate. Average life
expectancy: 65 years.

5) The Off-Center Navel. An off-center belly button indicates a
fun-loving, unusual individual who experiences wide emotional swings.
Average life expectancy: 70 years.

6) The Round Navel. This belly button is evenly shaped and circular. It
indicates a modest, even-tempered person with a quiet, retiring
personality. Average life expectancy: 81 years.

According to Chinese lore, the best belly button is a concave one,
rather than a protruding one, and the deeper the belly button the more
children you will have. In these days of reliable contraception, the
prediction relates more to the ability to have many children, rather
than the inevitability.

Dreaming of your own belly button is traditionally associated with
starting up a new venture with possible long-term benefits, and dreaming
of someone else's navel denotes a new love affair.

According to Indian Tantric lore, the belly button is also used to
diagnose health problems. Following this system, the navel is where
energy is received and processed coming in from the universe.
The belly button represents fertility and it is also a reminder of the
connection between the generations, in other words it connects you to
your past and future. It is also seen being the "centre" of human

The second form of omphalomancy is based on the umbilical cord. A
Jamaican old wife's tale holds that the number of knots in the umbilical
cord of a newborn baby shows how many more brothers or sisters are yet
to come.

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