Friday, November 16, 2012

Blessing for a depressed person


No one deserves to be depressed - unless this is your karma and if so this blessing has a chance of not working effectively.

1. When someone gets emotionally sad for no known reason -- especially a woman -- i usually suspect hormonal imbalance. It can be a female hormone thing (e.g. estrogen-mediated) or it could be a generic brain-chemical thing (e.g. low serotonin). Before beginning any spell work, i would try to address the physical roots of those issues -- by doing things to raise serotonin and to get the old estrogen/Oxycontin pump tuned and oiled. Here are a few suggestions:
2. Serotonin enhancing activities (may be combined for best effect) rhythmic motions (chewing gum, kneading, suckling, knitting, running) making love, getting enough sleep; taking melatonin to sleep if needed (melatonin is a serotonin byproduct that may be temporarily low) being praised by someone you respect being massaged moderate physical exercise drinking St. John's Wort tea or taking it in capsules. Estrogen/Oxycontin tuning activities (may be combined for best effect) being suckled on drinking Angelica Root (dong quai) and/or licorice root tea, having an orgasm, being groomed by someone, especially having the hair groomed, taking DHEA tablets as directed on label of product
3. (DHEA is an estrogen/testosterone precursor).
4. After initiating a program that includes as many of the above activities as possible, then it is time to fashion a spell of helpful healing and blessing. I'm going to make this spell very simple -- something anyone can do --
5. If the subject is a woman, I suggest a spell that employs in it a piece of Angelica Root. Just as this root is made into tea for its phyto-estrogen's on the medical plane, so also is it used as a power object to enhance the strength of women magically. A whole Angelica Root is best, if you can find one.
6. Dedicate the root to the woman by carving her initials on it or her sigil and then dressing or anointing it with Blessing Oil.
7. blessing-spell-kit
8. Place the root in a red flannel mojo bag with two other things to help her. You need three things here, and the root is one of them. The other two things can be chosen based on your intuition -- traditional items might include a lucky coin (that new Sacagaweya golden dollar coin looks GREAT for female strength!!!), a pinch of healing Althaea herbs for good spirits to comfort her, a pinch of Blessing Sachet Powder, or a blueing ball.
9. Light a simple white candle and some Blessing Incense. Dress the bag itself with a little bit of the oil too. Smoke the dressed mojo bag in the incense smoke and pass it over the candle flame three times as you speak aloud your prayer (to whomever you pray) for her restoration to complete and perfect health, harmony, and happiness.
10. Let her carry the bag on her for buoyant emotional strength -- and be sure to also follow up on the practical, physical activities i mentioned.

Many blessings to you if you are depressed.....Sastipe

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