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Blessings for around the house

House Cleaning blessing

Now that the yuletide season has passed and the traffic in and out of the home has finally slowed down, it is time to cleanse your home of old or unwelcome energies and boost protection for those who live there. This can be accomplished in one task.

Take a new broom and tie on the following: basil (cleansing), lavender (happiness), nutmeg (good luck), gardenia (peace), cedar (cleansing), lemon slices (cleansing). Tell the broom that its function is to clean away all residue of the past year and to instill peace, happiness, and good luck for the current year.

Sweep the entire house, ending at the back door. Sweep all of the old energy out. Close the door firmly and seal it with a kiss.

By: Tammy Sullivan


Calendar Blessing

Almost all of us have a few dates which cause us anxiety each year- a Particularly stressful holiday, the anniversary of a personal tragedy, or The beginning of a heavy work period at work or school.

Diminish the power Of these days by going through your calendar. On each day which causes you Distress, pause for a moment, invoke divine energy, and place your finger on The date.

Bless the day. If you like, draw a small symbol which represents
Powerful positive energy- perhaps an ankh, a lunar symbol, or another Image which has positive meaning to you. Face each day when it comes with The knowledge that divine forces are working to mitigate its negative Effect. deTraci Regula


Color: Indigo

Fall housecleaning can be a spiritual practice when you believe that the physical is the end result of spiritual forces. As you clear away old clutter, visualize making room for new opportunities. When everything is clean, summon the elementals by saying:

I call upon air the power to blow,
I call upon fire, the power to glow,
I call upon water, the power to flow,
I call upon earth, the power to grow.

Light the stick of incense and carry it through each room asking the sylphs to purify and protect your home. Light your candle and ask the salamanders to purify your home. Sprinkle holy water and ask blessings from the undines. Sprinkle salt and ask the gnomes for protection. Thank the elementals for their blessings. As an extra blessing, tie twigs of hazel together with a human hair and leave them on your mantle for protection from fire and storm.


Blessing For May Wine

Place the wine in the center of a wreath of flowers. Hold your hands
over the wine, palms down, and recite the blessing:

Blessings be upon this wine, which is the essence of
The secrets of transformation. The blood of life flows
Again back into Nature and summer approaches
With the promise of fullness. May all who drink this
Wine be filled to the brim with all that is good in life.

By Raven Grimassi


Samhain serving blessing

By Silver Ravenwolf
From "Halloween Spells, Customs, Recipes"

Hold Your Hands Over The Cooked Food, And Say
The Golden Rays Of Sun Kissed The Grain
Sweet Drops Of Rain Caressed The Fruit.
Streams Of Moonlight Danced In The Fields
Sending Energy Into The Root.
Blessings Of The Mother
Strength Of The Father
Unity Of Love.
So Mote It Be.

Make the sign of the equal-armed cross over the dish.
Tap the dish once. Serve with a smile!

Simple Salt Blessing
Take some sea salt and sprinkle it around the circle as you cast. Chant this rhyme:

"With this salt the circle I cast
the blessings of the Lord and Lady I ask
May their protection and guidance
shine upon me.
This is my will, so Mote it Be"

For a special touch, add some Essential or Fragrance oils and a little food dye to your salt, this works well when celebrating Holidays and special rituals.


Kitchen Witch's Blessing

Blessed be this Kitchen of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
Be warmed by the sacred light of the Goddess and the Horned One.
May all that is created here by means both magical and mundane
Bring nourishment, healing, and sustenance, and cause harm to none.
With love and peace, with joy and magic, be now and always filled.
So mote it be!

- Gerina Dunwich


Imbolc Meal Blessings

End of Winter Meal Blessing:
The winter has come to an end
The stores of food are dwindling,
And yet we eat, and stay warm
In the chilled winter months.
We are grateful for our good fortune,
And for the food before us.

Giving Thanks to Brighid:
This is the season of Brighid,
She who protects our hearth and home.
We honor her and thank her,
For keeping us warm as we eat this meal.
Great Lady, bless us and this food,
And protect us in your name.

Brighid's Fire Meal Blessing:
Brighid is the lady of flame,
The fire that cooks our food!
Hail to her and to the hearth,
And may our meal be good!


Home Blessing to Prepare for the Holidays

Many homes celebrate more than one winter season holiday. Bless and
cleanse your home to prepare for the celebrations. Burn sage throughout
your home by carrying a sage wand or censer from room to room. This
waning Moon phase is a good time to banish all negative energies. Follow
by ringing bells and sprinkling consecrated water as you chant:

Bless this home for joy to come,
Singing praise for everyone,
Peace and love will hereby reign.
Lift any cause of hurt or pain.
Cleanse this space of hearth and home,
For loved ones near and those that roam.
Unite us in this sacred time,
By these words our kindred bind.

By: Ember


~ A Yule Tree Blessing ~

Did you remember to bless your Yule tree? Here is a quick and easy waxing Moon blessing that even children could do. To bless the Yule tree, purchase or make a gold Sun-shaped ornament. It could be rustic and handmade by the children or store-bought and fancy. Hang this ornament last upon the tree and repeat the following lines:

The evergreen is a tree
Full of magical lore,
It brings prosperity and Charm as in days of yore.
Now bless our home,
Bringing us good cheer and Solstice fun,
While we celebrate the return Of the newly born Sun.

by Ellen Dugan


House blessing

Recite these words while burning sage/sweetgrass or
sandalwood incense. A lit white candle would also be
suitable addition,to bring peace and
harmony to your home.

House Blessing

The Kind Fates have Blessed My Home
The kind Fates have blessed My Heart
The kind Fates have blessed my Loved Ones
On this Full Moon I ask to Start
Speaking with Love and Truth and Peace
May Kindness and Joy
Never Cease
Blessed be all
Who Enter and Dwell
Mother Goddess Hear my Call
Protect this home with Love
Within these Walls
I thank You Goddess for Blessings from Above
So Mote it Be.


Protection and blessing of a home

To Protect Your Home Sprinkle salt throughout the house while
repeating the following incantation. "As this salt I sprinkle about To
keep the evil spirits out Let no danger enter in any opening herein I
now invoke the law of three This is my will, So mote it be!" Visualize
the salt creating a blanket of protective, glowing energy around your
home. You can also try the less messy version and do this along the
border of your property.

Home Blessing Bread is offered to the household guardians as a libation,
and the salt is kept in the heart of the home to ground any evil that
might enter. After you do this, burn a purifying or protecting incense
such as frankincense, cinnamon, or pepper moving it from room to room
while you visualize any negativity fleeing from your home. As you go,
chant over and over your words of power: "Smoke of air and fire and
earth Cleanse and bless this home and hearth Drive away all harm and
fear Only good may dwell in here" (paganpaths)


Blessing The Boundaries of Your Home

The Roman god Terminus was the deity of land boundaries, whether farmland or city villa. The Terminalia on February 23rd was a celebration in his honour.

Everyone has land boundaries, whether you live on a remote farm or in a city apartment. These boundaries need to be respected and protected. By blessing the boundaries of your private place of dwelling, you can strengthen your protection against intruders of all kinds: unwanted and unwelcome visitors, stalkers, burglars, noisy neighbours, intruding religious peddlers, and sales people.

If you can, or feel brave enough to, plan to walk the boundaries of your property. If you can’t, such as living in an apartment or in an area where your activities would become the centre of unwelcome attention, plan to walk through every room of your house.

>~Outside Your Home~

If you can walk the boundaries outside, take a bowl of white cornmeal (a favourite of Native Americans). Hold it up to the sun, or moon if you do this at night. Ask the gods to bless it for you. Cornmeal is a natural substance and will not pollute the ground. Begin to the left of your driveway or entrance and move clockwise, lightly sprinkling the cornmeal as you go. Chant:

Blessings and honour to all who guard my boundaries.

Blessings and thanks for your help and protection.

May my property and dwelling be safe under your care.

I offer you friendship and blessings.

When you come to the starting point, sprinkle the cornmeal once more across the drive or entrance path. This acts as a double seal in the most vulnerable area.

If possible, build a little special place in full view of the drive or entrance path. This will be a “home” or “altar” for your guardians. It can be a collection of rocks that you have picked up and admired. It can be a small patch of herbs or a tiny grove of flowering bushes.

~Inside Your Home~

Prepare a chalice or glass of pure water and a small plate of salt. If you have an altar, take these to the altar and ask for their blessing by the gods. If not, hold them up toward the sun or moon for blessing. Sprinkle three pinches of salt into the water and swirl the chalice three times clockwise.

Begin near the front entrance of your dwelling. Lightly sprinkle the water-salt mixture across the door, moving clockwise. Chant while sprinkling:

Blessings and honour to all who guard my dwelling boundaries.

Blessings and thanks for your help and protection.

May my dwelling-place be safe under your care.

I offer you friendship and blessings.

Continue through each room in this manner until you have completely encircled the house or apartment. When you are once more at the front entrance, sprinkle the mixture across the threshold again.

Prepare some special “home” inside for your guardians. This should be in sight of the entrance. Such a “home” can be a bowl of tumbled stones, a vase of dried flowers, or a statue. You can also place a mirror facing the door to act as a boomerang for people trying to bring in negative attitudes.


D J. Conway, Moon Magic

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