Tuesday, November 6, 2012

cloud and star divination

Cloud Scrying Spell

This activity works best on a warm summer day.
To start, you need a mostly clear sky with a few fluffy clouds.
Lie on your back someplace outdoors,
such as in your back yard or a nearby park.
Place a blanket or mat under you, and get as comfortable as possible.
Pick a section of the sky that is away from the Sun, and has a few clouds in
it. Concen-trate on the clouds. What do the shapes suggest to you?
This technique will often let you find out what is in your unconscious mind
it will also help you let go of conscious judgment that stands in the way
of your general psychic awareness.

By Magenta Griffith


Star Scrying

Sit outside....Close your eyes......Breathe deeply......Relax.
Shut down your questing mind.......Open your eyes......Attune with a star.

Now, expand your awareness of the whole star field above. Let your gaze travel naturally from one part of the sky to another. Recognize familiar constellations, but move on, to a part of the sky that is unfamiliar to you.

Gently think your question.Gaze into the stars as a mystic does into a crystal sphere. A pattern is hidden there- lies the answer to your question. One constellation may seem to shine more brightly than the other, or may pull your eyes toward it.Once you've found it, look at it. Do its stars seem to form a recognizable outline?

A fish, a bowl, a square? If so, think about what this shape means to you.

Discover the answer that your physic mind is trying to reveal to you-through the stars.

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