Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Divination - Rhapsodomancy and bibliomancy

Book Divination

Stichomancy is a rather obscure form of divination that uses random words from a book. It's also called bibliomancy.

Pick a sizable book from your bookshelf (Pagan or otherwise) and close your eyes. Think about something you will be facing today and concentrate on it for a moment. Keeping your eyes closed, open the book and flip to a random page. Place your finger on it and see what word you've chosen. If you've struck a spot that is just white space or you got a useless word like "the", try it again.
Keep this word in your mind during the day and see how (or if) it applies to the situation you were thinking about.


Divination - Rhapsodomancy

You've probably heard of bibliomancy - it's a form of divination by selecting a random passage of text from a book to gain insight into any question which is pressing on your mind. But have you heard of rhapsodomancy?

This is another ancient form of 'book' divination but instead of using a sacred text (or any other book) you use poems. If you have a big enough book of poetry you can use the traditional bibliomancy method to get your answers which is:
Balance the book on its spine and let it fall open.
Close your eyes and pick a passage at random.
If your poetry book isn't to me sized don't worry. You can use these other methods to find wisdom in poetry:
Write down a selection of lines from a poem on pieces of paper, place them in a pot and pick one at random.
Photocopy pages of poetry then spread them out on a table. Throw a die and where it lands will tell you your answer.
A modern form of rhapsodomancy is divination by radio stations! Pick a radio broadcast at random and what you hear will be your message. This works well if you have an old fashioned radio with a dialling knob but you can always press the search button a predetermined number of times instead if you have a modern radio. 

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