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eyelid scrying

Scrying, sometimes called `crystal gazing' is a technique by which a
person "gazes" into anything reflective. However, most people use a
crystal ball or a scrying mirror. Scrying mirrors are concave opaque
pieces of glass. They are very beautiful. However, you can scry on
just about any reflective surface; a bowl of water, a piece of metal,
a mirror, etc. Some people can even scry in smoke, flames, etc. But,
there's another way...

Eyelid Scrying: Second Sight By: Marianna Boncek

My interest in scrying started when I bought an "authentic gypsy
crystal ball' at an auction house in rural upstate New York. I have
no idea whether the crystal ball ever truly belonged to a gypsy or
not, but it was a beautiful peace of glass, and I had a keen interest
in the metaphysical so I bought my first scrying tool, totally
clueless as how to use it.

Scrying, sometimes called `crystal gazing' is a technique by which a
person "gazes" into anything reflective. However, most people use a
crystal ball or a scrying mirror. Scrying mirrors are concave opaque
pieces of glass. They are very beautiful. However, you can scry on
just about any reflective surface; a bowl of water, a piece of metal,
a mirror, etc. Some people can even scry in smoke, flames, etc.

The purpose of scrying is to gain information. Some people believe
this information is given clairvoyantly or psychically. Others
believe the scrying technique simply clears the mind so information
from the Universe or the Source can flow more freely. The information
given can be used to answer a whole host of questions and concerns.
Sometimes the information given is very literal; the scryer will see
visions of real people, places and events. Other times the
information is symbolic, like dreams, and must be interpreted.

In my experience, open eye scrying takes concentration and regular
practice. I have found it difficult to focus my attention with my
eyes open. I have met people who are natural scryers. They can focus
and images begin to appear almost immediately. However, I was never
quite got the hang of it. I had, however, been able to gain images,
in a relaxed state, on my eyelids, with my eyes shut. It wasn't until
I met another person who used the same technique that I realized this
was a form of scrying. I'm sure many people would not consider this
technique scrying since it does not involve a "tool" outside of the
person, such as a crystal or a mirror. However, I have found this to
be an effective way to practice scrying technique with my eyes shut.
It helps me focus and relax and receive meaningful images.

Before I begin, let me just say that I have been scrying on my
eyelids for most of my life. It began spontaneously when I was a
child. However, for people who have tried the open-eyed method and
easily become distracted or frustrated this may be a way that is
easier and relaxed.

Before you begin for the first time, you may want to light a candle
or incense. Whatever you do to "clear the air" of any negative
energies that may be around. If you have a prayer or an incantation
that you like, you can say it as you begin to focus. This little
ritual of lighting a candle and saying a prayer will often help focus
the beginner. Find a darkened place. Try as I might, I cannot scry in
bright light. Get in a position that feels comfortable. I do best
lying down or reclined. However, if you feel you will fall asleep,
sit upright or just slightly reclined. Try a few positions until one
feels best for you. As you practice, you will find a position where
it is easy to relax and you receive the best images.

You are going to want to record your images for future reference,
interpretive purposes and to check back for accuracy in
interpretation, so make sure you have a dedicated journal near by.

Once you are in a position that feels very comfortable, start
relaxing your body and your mind. This is the same as meditation
techniques. You will want your body to be in a very relaxed state and
your mind in a very alert, yet relaxed state. There are some good
relaxation and meditation tapes out there by various companies. You
may want to practice relaxation and meditation until you get used to
it before you try closed-eye scrying.

I caution you not to use music when closed-eye scrying. The reason
for this is that music can often influence the visions and
information you will receive. If you need to use some sort of sound
to block out noise, I suggest using "white noise" such as a fan. A
fan will block out background noise but will not interfere with the
visions or information you are receiving.

Once you are in a relaxed state turn your attention to your vision
with your eyes closed. At first, all you may see are flashes of
light. Or you may have an "imprint" of the last thing you looked at
before you closed your eyes. In the beginning, it may take a while
for the flashes of light or the "imprint" to fade. The most important
thing is to not really think about these images. Stay relaxed and
alert. Begin to "look" with your eyes closed to see if, in the
background, you are starting to see any images appear that are not
associated with the undefined images of light you saw when you first
closed your eyes. Don't stress, just simply relax and observe.

Remember those old Polaroid cameras? You took a picture and then
slowly an image began to appear. This is what it will be like. In the
beginning, you may only see a shadow of an image. That's ok. Just
continue to relax and see if it develops into a more distinct image.
Make sure you are recording what you see.

Closed-eye scrying is very similar to "people watching" in the park.
When you are people watching, you are sitting, relaxed on a park
bench simply watching the people and events around you. You are
alert, but you are not involved with what is going on around you.
When you are closed-eye scrying, you should feel the same way. You
are relaxed and alert. You are simply observing.

In the beginning, try your closed-eye scrying for fifteen minutes.
When you are done, write down any images you saw, even if they are
shadowy. Eventually, the images will start to become clearer and more
distinct. Then the images will start to move, and you will begin to
see scenes.

I have had only a few experiences of clear clairaudience, that is,
the ability to actually hear what is being said in the images I am
observing. However, I do know clairvoyantly what people are saying in
the scenes I am watching. I get an inner sense.

If you find a scene unfolding in a manner that feels uncomfortable to
you, simply open your eyes. You will probably note you are breathing
heavier and no longer relaxed. Allow your breathing to return to a
relaxed state and then get up and do another activity. Do not return
to an uncomfortable scene. Don't over intellectualize. Don't ask
yourself, "Am I really seeing this or is it just my imagination? " If
you find yourself doing that you are not a relaxed observer. Just let
the images appear as they come. Try not to make judgments about
yourself or the images. Above all, don't worry if you are doing
it "right". There is no "right" or "wrong" way to scry.

Interpreting the Information

Interpreting the information you receive is an art, just like closed-
eye scrying is. It will take time for you to learn to interpret the
information you receive. Remember, often times you will get
information symbolically. I use a very simple technique I learned at
the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach,
Virginia. I attended a lecture at their visitor's center about dream
interpretation. This technique is very easy to use and gives very
good results.


1. Fold a piece of paper in half long ways
2. On the left hand of the paper write down the elements of the scene
you experienced during your closed-eye scrying.
3. On the right side of the paper, write down what you think those
symbols may mean.
Let's say, you saw a black dog come out of the woods at your
grandmother' s house and eat her prized flowers. Consider first, what
does a "black dog" mean? It could mean something dangerous,
particularly if you don't like dogs or the dog seemed mean. Next,
consider grandmother' s house. Perhaps, you always felt safe and
secure at grandmother' s house. Lastly, the prized flowers. Those are
something grandmother spent time and energy on. Those were something
very important to your grandmother. Now, synthesize the symbolism. In
this scene, you may feel something is threatening your grandmother' s
or your own sense of well-being. This type of interpretation will
take practice and review. Go back and review your interpretations.
Often times, once you are scrying on a regular basis, some symbols
may repeat themselves, for example, every time you see a rose that
could mean love. Remember, occasionally, you will receive a
disturbing image. For example, maybe you saw a friend killed in a car
accident. If you keep in mind, that most of the images will be
symbolic, you won't call your friend crying hysterically. You may
want to call your friend and say, "I've been thinking of you." You
might find out something is happening in his/her life that could be
symbolized by a car accident.

Focused Scrying

Eventually, you will want to focus your scrying. Maybe you will do
this for yourself, your family or friends. This will take more
practice. As you light your candle and say your prayer, think about
the purpose of your scrying.

I also use scrying to communicate with people on an astral level. As
I relax, I think of the person and the purpose for the communication.
I find this very useful when I have had an argument with someone and
we are unable to communicate because we are angry. I can communicate
my side to the person and listen to his/her side as well. When you do
this, note particularly the surrounding. The surroundings can tell
you a lot about what the other person is feeling. If the person meets
you in a barren field, he/she may still have harsh feelings for you.
If he/she meets you a lush garden he/she may be willing to listen.
Please do not try to "invade" the images you see. Just relax, be
there and speak your heart. Do not try to manipulate the images you
receive. Often times, the other person will not even speak.

You now have the basics of closed-eye scrying. Remember, it will take
some practice to get the "hang" of it. The two most important things
you can do are; consistent practice and record everything in a
journal. Practice is the only thing that will help you get better.
Recording everything will let you know what is working and what is
not. There is no one correct way to scry using the closed-eye method.

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