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herbs and uses

A truly magical herb, this plants texture is like wool or cashmere, extremely soft and fuzzy. I just had to include a pic. Hope you can tell from the photo (scanned) just how textured it is. In the olden days folks would use the dried leaves as "Candlewicks", hence the name. The shape of the leaf resemble a candle flame. They burn similar to cotton. I use these leaves in "Remembrance Rituals" at Samhain. One is burned for each soul remembered. They burn quite unusual, as the flame creeps up the maine stem. " Nick name's Hag's tapers, Feltwort, Candlewick Plant. Carry to keep animals away from you in the woods. Wear to instill courage. The powdered leaves are know as "graveyard dust" and are acceptable to use when such is called for in old recipes". A must for a "witches garden"

* Myrrh (resin) *

Myrrh is used in magick for protection, peace, exorcism, healing, consecration, blessing, meditation and heightening spirituality. As an incense Myrrh can be used to help deepen mediation and to aid contemplation. Myrrh can be used in any ritual to the Goddess Isis, since Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the moon's sphere and is sacred to Isis. Myrrh can also be burned so that its smoke can purify and protect an area, and the smoke can also be used to consecrate and bless objects like rings, amulets, and ritual tools.

* Oak Moss * 

A natural wonder, Oak Moss belongs to the element Earth, growing on barks of trees, with a gray suede like appearance. Use this sweet smelling �moss� in Prosperity spells, Gnome magic and spells to Mother Earth. Use in -Witch Bottles- for home & business. Oak Moss attracts Male lust, placing a sachet of Oak Moss in bra When MALE lover is near. A natural scent �fixative� use in incense blends and magical potpourri�s, it will help �hold� scent.

* Olive Leaves * 

Healing, health & peace. The Olive leaf has long been used to symbolize peace, hence the saying �extending an olive branch in peace�. Use in spells to calm and quiet a quarreling home. Use after performing a house blessing or -spring- cleaning. Strew about home under doormats, corners of room�s etc. Add 9 Olive leaves to spring or rain water, soak for 3 days, strain and use as blessing water for house blessings, magic circles. Place olive leaves & wine in Chalice as altar offering.* Passion Flower *

Passion flower is a vine and should be planted where it can climb. uses in protection and love magick. When Passionflower is used, it calms and brings peace to the home. You can sprinkle dried or fresh Passionflower over the doorsteps of your house or apartment to keep harm away. If you carry some of the herb in an amulet bag, you will make friends easier since it will work to increase your personal charisma making you more attractive and more likable. Place Passionflower in a dream pillow and it will help you get a good nights sleep. place it in power bundles and use in love spells to attract love. You can also burn it as an incense to promote understanding.

* Pennyroyal *

Put in the shoes to prevent weariness. Add to summer incenses and to prevent getting lost in the woods. Tie it to your bedpost for, not only does it keep mosquitos away, but it is said to make one more aware and alert, and increase brain power Brings peace between husband and wife when kept in a small bowl on a table or a dresser in the home.
Carry Pennyroyal when traveling by water and never know the pangs of seasickness

* Rose * 

Rose is known as *THE* herb of love. Add Rose bud petals to bath water to conjure up a lover.
Put red Rose petals in a red velvet bag and pin this under your clothes to attract love
You can wear Rosehips as beads to bring love to you.
Rose oil and Rose incense are both used in love spells.
If you wash your hands with Rose water before mixing love potions, the potions will be stronger.

Different color Roses have different meanings so you can use Roses to give someone a message magically.
Below are what the different Rose colors mean:

~ Red ~ I love you
~ White ~ I love you not
~ Yellow ~ I love another
~ Moss ~ I admire you from afar
~ Pink ~ My love for you is innocent
~ Orange ~ I love you vigorously
~ Amethyst ~ I will love you forever
~ Wild ~ I love you because you are fair and innocent

* Rosemary *

Wear a chaplet of Rosemary to aid in the memory. A good protective sachet for boat and ship passengers. Make a fresh wreath of rosemary for protection, hang in the home. Burn Rosemary and Juniper for a recuperation incense. Use for rememberance in Samhain rituals.

* Sage (White) *

Burn to purify a ritual area or magical tools. Used as a main ingredient in"Smudgesticks"and "herb bundles". Put in with "Tarot" cards or "Runes" to protect and keep clean. Sage is used for fertility, longevity, wishes, wisdom, protection, money attraction, purification, healing, and health magick. Sage that is being gathered for magickal use should not be cut with a metal knife known as a Boline. It is said that if you eat Sage you will become more wise and also immortal. Sage is often an herb used at handfastings since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple. Sage can be added to almost any healing spell. A good healing amulet may be made by putting a clove of Garlic, a bit of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon, two pinches of Sage and one pinch of Saffron into a small blue bag. This bag can then be worn or carried to promote healing. Sage can be used for attracting money and for wish manifestations.

* St.Johnswort * 

Depressed? see St. Johnswort. Now in many herbal remedies. Noted for its calming effect, valuable for nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and bedwetting. The oil has remarkable soothing and healing action when rubbed into painful joints and strained muscles. Celtic traditon held that the druids wore it in battle for invincibility. Burn to excorcise negative spirits. Make a tea with 1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water,for a stronge antidote for depression.

*Sun Flower Petals *

Sunflower belongs to the Sun, it�s gender is male (God) and belongs to the element Fire. Magical uses are Fertility, Health and Wisdom. Powerful flower to use on Sunday as an offering to the God for home as well. Use for May day & Beltane offerings and charms

* Thistle (Blessed) *

Thistle has great value in protection spells and also is used to bring spiritual and financial blessings. Thistle can be carried in an amulet bag for joy, energy, vitality, and protection - in fact men who carry Thistle become better lovers!. Thistle can be burned as an incense for protection and also to counteract hexing. Thistle powder can also be added to ritual baths to give added protection. Thistle can be grown in the garden to ward of those dreaded vegetable thieves, and a bowl of fresh Thistle will give off such good strengthening energies that it is the perfect thing to have in a sickroom.
Thistle is a wonderful material to use to make magick wands for spirit conjuring and magickal walking sticks. In England, the wizards of old were said to select the tallest thistle and use it as a wand or walking stick.

* Valerian * 

Love, Harmony, Use in love spells and to keep fighting couples together. Use in a bath sachet for a calming effect. Valerian has been used to treat nervous tension and panic attacks
Use 1 tablespoon to 8 oz water for a calming tea. Wonderful for folks who suffer from "panic attacks".

* Wormwood * 

Throw onto fires on "Samhain" to gain protection from bad spirits roaming the night. One of the major ingredients in "Absinthe" (see recipe) Burn in incense to raise spirits.

* Yarrow*

The witches herb. Love, Clairvoyance.Used in love sachets and marriage charms, as it has the power to keep a couple together happily for seven years. Worn as an amulet it wards of negativity. A tea made of1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water will enhance one's powers of perception. Held in the hand it stops all fear. The beautiful flowers are a welcome addition to any magical altar. Yarrow is nick named "A witches best friend".
= Note "Some" of the above herbal information was taken from
Scott Cunningham's "Magical Herbalism", D.J. Conway's "Celtic Magic"
"Earth Magic" by Claire Nahmad and "Victorian Grimoire" by Patricia Telesco
* Additional herbal information and recipes are Orignally Written by Barbara Morris 1999-2002

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