Tuesday, November 6, 2012

hot chocolate divination and oil scrying

Hot Chocolate divination
This is more for fun than enlightening, but it really works and can be shared
with your children.
As any Kitchen Witch will tell you, food is very magickal.
On a cold, Winter's day, make some hot chocolate with marshmellows for you and
your children. You can do this right away before the marshmellows
dissolve or wait until they melt into a white film over the top.

You will need
1 mug of hot chocolate

I recommend using your clean finger because it is has your energy, but if that doesn't appeal to you, you can also use a spoon. Just make sure it was just
washed and not handled by anyone else other than yourself.

Slowly stir the hot chocolate or simply put your finger in and take it out. Any movement will rearrange the marshmellows and make them form pictures. You will have to use your imagination to see these pictures.
Ask yourself and your children if they have any meaning
in your lives.
My youngest son got a smiley face in his cup on the day
his birthday party was canceled because of the snow.

by Lady of the Shadows from Shadows at Night and Lady's Shadows
Oil Scrying

The history of oil scrying can be traced back to the ancient
Babylonians. Some of their magic books have survived down through the
Centuries with details of the methods they used.
One of their techniques was called the "Princess of the Thumb". A
Scryer Annointed the forehead and thumbnail of a subject.

The shiny nail acted as a magic mirror in which the scryer saw spirits.
Another version was called the "Princess of the Hand".

Oil was mixed with black soot to make a black paste that was then
Smeared upon the hand. The scryer then used the hand as a mirror to
Scry Future events.

A third type of oil scrying was called the "Princess of the Cup".
Sesame Seed oil was used to coate the inside of a cup that was rested on its

The cup was used as a concave magic mirror to capture and magnify the
Light of a candle that was fixed on its inner rim.

From the Babylonians oil scrying found its way to the Egyptians and
Hebrews. The most detailed examples of oil scrying are written in the
Greek Magical Papyri written in Egypt between 200 B.C. And A.D. 500.

Four kinds of water which is to be mixed with the oil is used for four
Types of divination.

If you call upon the services of the heavenly Gods then use rainwater.
If you invoke the terrestrial Gods then use sea water. If you invoke
The Gods Osiris or Serapis use riverwater And if you call upon the souls of
The dead then use spring water.

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