Monday, November 5, 2012

Opening your heart affirming, and emotional balancing bath

Opening your heart affirming  bath

This bath is for when your heart feels shut down, closed and withdrawn (especially from a lover) but you should know when it's time to reopen your heart to love.

7 drops pure rose oil. Roses have represented love thoughout the centuries in many cultures. The inhalation of their scent brings the feeling of love into the heart, and lifts one out of

3 drops lily of the valley oil Lily of the valley can strengthen the heart and emotions to embrace love without feeling vulnerable.

Optional: Coconut oil.

Mix the lily of the valley and rose oils with a base of coconut oil, and you always have lovely soft skin. I have been doing this for fifteen years and people always comment about the softness of my skin.

Fresh flowers
Pink of aquamarine candles
uplifting music

For this bath I suggest creating a beautiful atmosphere with fresh, fragrant flowers, pink or aquamarine colored candles and uplifting music such as Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Once in the but allow your senses to speak to you eloquently. Inhale the fragrance of the flowers and let them permeate your entire being. Imagine the fragrance circulation within your body starting in your heart and spreading outward until you are completely filled with its essence. Listen carefully to the music and let it's mood flow through you.

I now welcome love into my life unconditionally and joyously
I trust in the powers of love

Practice being in the moment. Feel the heat in your toes, and feel the muscles relax in your feet, and concentrate on how the rest of your body is relaxed as well. Forget the past and the future. Breathe in the now. Let the fragrant oils work their magic and before you know it your faith in life and love will be restored. If you wear a pink
tourmaline crystal over your heart it will help heal the pain that is stored there

Emotional balancing bath

For matters of the heart this bath is very healing and soothing. When you have an emotional upset that makes you feel helpless, her is a bath that will heal and deeply soothe your nervous system.

5 drops rose oil
5 drops rosemary oil
5 drops lily of the valley oil
5 drops sandalwood oilcandles

This is a magic combination. Rose opens the heart and lifts your out of depression, lily of the valley gives the heart strength both emotionally and physically. These can be worn together as a perfume on those dog days when life gets you down. Sandalwood calms the nervous system and relaxes the entire body. (And according to the ancients it's the only incense pleasing to all the gods). Rosemary has been
used over the centuries in may rituals to attract love. It has the reputation of being a love stimulator. Before preparing the bath, light some candles and unplug the phone. You can even put a do not disturb sign on the door. Once immersed in the bath concentrate on your breathing and do the emotional bath meditation.

Be aware of your body and your breathing. Feel your heart expand. Imagine there is a prize rosebud in the center of your chest. With your imagination, watch it open slowly and expand, bathing your entire being in loving pink light. Feel the pink light heal your emotions and restore your spirit.

While in the tub inhale the scent of the rosemary and say to yourself

"My relationship with ____ is filled with harmony, understanding and trust."

While filled with the pink rosebud light, imagine the upset in your relationship dissolving and filling with positive warm feelings of understanding, compassion, and love. This love can be with apartner, parent, child or friend.

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