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Ostara Egg crafts March 20-21

   Ostara Animals from Eggs
  • Hard-boiled eggs or eggs that you have blown out the onsides of.
  • Egg dye or felt-tip pens
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
    Tissue Paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • small stones
  • miniature marshmallows

  • Owl: Color egg with black or brown felt pen. Glue on beak made of triangle of construction paper. Use two small stones for feet.

    Pig: Dye egg pink. Glue on miniature marshmallow for snout. Make a curly tail and legs from a pipe cleaner (legs could be marshmallows if you prefer). Draw eyes with a felt pen.

    Mouse: Glue on large pink ovals of construction paper for ears. Add a pipe cleaner tail; draw on whiskers and eyes with a felt pen.

    Bird: Dye egg whatever color you want your bird to be. Glue on Construction paper head, beak and wings. You can either paint the wings on or make them out of constructions paper (or tissue paper). Draw eyes with felt pen.

    Fish: Dye (or color egg shell witth paint or felt pen) whatever color you want your fishy to be. Cut eyes tail and fins from construction paper and glue on.

    Protective Egg Charm

    Take an egg and, by poking small holes at each end of it, empty it out.
    Fill the egg with Cinquefoil leaf and Dogwood, then tape the holes shut.
    You can decorate the egg with Runes or symbols of protection, or you can leave it natural.
    Put it on your hearth.
    Your home and property will be protected.

    Seed egg

    1 .Poke a tiny hole in both ends of an egg & very gently blow out the "stuffing".
    1. Then decorate the egg with symbols or write our hopes, etc on them.( A listing of colors and their meanings can be found in "The Sabbats" by Edain McCoy if you wish to use it.)
    2. Make one of the holes a little bigger & into it place herb seeds. Along with the seeds place your intentions of what we would like to see grow in our lives.
    3. Then go outside, cast a circle, dig a hole & place your eggs into the hole. Hence you have planted the seeds of growth! If The ground is still frozen then you can plant into a planter and start a patio garden plant to be taken out when it warms.
    Ostara egg color meaninbgs

    Black - Absorb and dispel negative influences, Mystery, Rememberance, Eternity, Constancy
    Blue - Healing, Peace, Astral projection, Fidelity, Sleep, Unity
    Brown - Animals, Helps connect to the rythms and energies of the Earth
    Gold - Activity, Money, The God, The Sun
    Green - Abundance, Calm, Fertility, Prosperity, Neutralize difficult situations, Renewal, Freshness, Hope
    Indigo - Clairvoyance, Healing, Past lives
    Orange - Attraction, Energy, Friendship, Willpower, Endurance, Strength
    Pink - Romantic love, Peace
    Purple - Communication with higher level beings, Connection with the Divine, Ending quarrels, Healing, Tranquility, Patience, Trust, Deep Sleep, Healing serious illnesses
    Red - Courage, Lust, New life, Desire, Passion, Sexuality, Strength, Enthusiasm
    Red Violet - Hidden knowledge
    Silver - Psychic abilities, Spirituality, The Goddess, The Moon
    Turquoise - Spiritual Knowledge
    White - Good fortune, Healing, Purification, Virgin Goddess
    Yellow - Creativity, Communication, Intellect, Knowledge, Youth, Mind Power, Light, Purity, Happiness, Wisdom

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