Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Crone welcoming Ritual

Dorothy Morrison states simply: " Your Crone has been with you
Forever, since the day your spirit was just a thought. She's
Personally carried you out of previous lives and led you into every
New one. She's supervised your growth experiences, protected you
From harm, and carefully placed you on the road to life's lessons.
Your every success is Her joy and your every tear, Her sorrow. She's
Loved you with a love greater than the Mother's and, no matter what,
She's never left your side."

In honor of the Crone and ourselves we will prepare to do a personal
Crone Welcoming Ritual.

Personal Crone Welcoming Ritual
By Dorothy Morrison


Purple candle

Peppermint tea or candle


One piece of black ribbon or cord, measuring the same length as your

Raven or black feather

Censor filled with sand

Gather the materials and go to a place where you will not be
Disturbed. Place the sage in the censor and light it. Light the
Candle and with each lighting say:

I light the fires of wisdom

I invite you in, my Crone.

Hold the feather in your dominant hand. Using it as a wand and,
Traveling deosil (clockwise), cast a triple circle. On the first
Pass, say:

Crone of Wisdom, Crone of Power

I call You down from Karma's Tower

On the second:

Crone of Power, Crone of Strength

Be my guest and stay at length

On the third:

Crone of Strength, Omnipotent One

Enter now! So be it done!

Sit in the center of the circle. Open your arms in embrace and say:

I welcome you Crone, with wide open arms

My watcher, my teacher, my protector from harm

I offer my friendship and bid you come in

Share my hopes and my dreams

Share my life 'til its end

I offer my love and friendly fresh start

I open to You both my life and my heart.

Know the feather in the center of the cord. Tie the cord around
Your waist and say:

I join this symbol of your wisdom

Forever with my measure

I am whole for we are one

I accept You, Crone, with pleasure

Lift the tea or the candy skyward and say:

Bless this bit of ice and fire

With Your wisdom, joy; and laughter

Help rekindle my spiritual fires

And guide me ever after.

Sit comfortably in the center of the circle and consume the
Peppermint. Listen carefully for

The Crone may speak to you. You should watch your surroundings for
Change. Her message does not always come in word form. She works
Sometimes in symbols, signs, and sounds. There could be a gust of
Wind, a leaf that falls, a sudden parting of clouds.

If you see nothing this doesn't mean that she is not there. Speak to
Her. Ask Her questions. Ask her what her name is. The answers will
Come. Talk to her as Her friend.

When you feel your visit is over, close the circle by traveling
Widdershins from the east.

As you do, say:

We close this sacred circle now

My Crone and I together

We are joined from this day on

By bond of cord and feather

Take the cord from your waist and keep it in a safe place. It is an
Important magical tool now and can be used for calling Her anytime
You wish.



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