Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Planting Ritual

The first thing that must be known in a planting ritual is all that can be
known about the plant(s) to be planted. I meditate with the plant(s) in
the moonlight for a least one hour the night before planting. This teaches
me something about the soul of the plant. The concrete gardening knowledge
of the plant should also be taken into consideration at this time. That is
to say, is the plant sun or shade loving, what kind of fertilizer does the
plant prefer, etc. Once you are secure in your knowledge of the plant's
life and soul the following ritual might help you in raising a lovely garden
of one or many plants.

Planting Invocation:
From the East comes the Goddess' Air,
From the South comes the Goddess' Fire,
From the West comes the Goddess' Water,
From the North comes the Goddess' Earth,
I welcome each of you by Her goodness and grace.

This (these) little plant(s) will be placed here to honor our Lady, to feed
my family or to make the world more beautiful, and each of you have a part
to play in tending it (them) to maturity. Air you are the gently veil that
carries the sun's rays to each plant. Fire you are the warmth of the sun.
Water you are the clear blood of life swelling the roots with strength.
Earth you are the breast upon which animal and plant alike feed. The
Goddess made you all and you are all good.

I will dig out the earth and make a place for this plant gently and with
great love. Underneath the plant I will lay a tiny quartz stone, a gift to
the Fae that will help me care for this green life. I will use water,
charged with moonlight, for the first watering. Once it is in the earth I
will burn a stick of frankincense beside the plant to mark my deep
commitment to its care.

Great Goddess may my little plant live to flower and/or fruit in perfect
happiness and peace.

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