Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prophet Pebbles Divination

Select three small stones or pebbles of approximately the same size and
shape - but of very different colors. You may use any stones you feel gives
off good vibrations to you and can mark them accordingly. From these --
choose one stone to represent the Indicator -- one for Yes and one for No.
Your stones will keep their meanings you assign them.
Next, ask a question that can be answered yes or no. Shake the stones like
dice and throw them. The stone nearest theindicator is the answer. The
closer the stone is to the indicator themore definite is your answer.
When you become adept at interpreting the positions, you can add another
stone to represent maybe. If the maybe stone is between the indicator and
either the yes or no stone, the answer is probably yes or probably no.
Keep your stones in their own pouch or container. You may use them to answer
questions for other people, but allow no one else to handle them.

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