Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ritual for Hathor - Protecting Children's Future

This ritual invokes Hathor's blessing on a child through its life.
As a mother goddess, and also a cow goddess, Hathor is strongly
Associated with milk, and by blessing the milk that the baby drinks,
You can nourish the child in both a physical and spiritual sense.

You need a rock crystal for this ritual. This stone of protection
Will guard over the child as it grows, and brings peaceful sleep, a
Valuable by-product of the ritual. You will also need some
Sandalwood incense, since sandalwood is sacred to Hathor. Light the
Incense (not to close to the baby), and tie the rock crystal
Securely with a piece of thread or string. Hang the crystal above
The baby's head while it is drinking its milk (if this is too
Difficult to do, ask someone else to hold the crystal). Allow the
Crystal to swing gently in clockwise circles. As it does so, call on
Hathor saying "Hathor, nourish this child with your blessing as
He/she grows into a man/woman"

The rattle is another traditional symbol of Hathor, and is shaken to
Drive away evil spirits. Bless your child's rattle by holding it and
Saying "Hathor, give this rattle power to drive away evil and harm."

(From "The Book of Goddesses" by Roni Jay)

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