Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scrying is the art of divining for the future

Scrying is the art of divining by staring into an object. This object can be anything slightly transparent. Black items work best. Cauldrons or black bowls filled with water, small pools or ponds with smooth surfaces, black scrying mirrors, clear or black crystal balls, glass spheres and glass lenses can all be used for scrying. By learning the arts of scrying, one can learn to divine the past, present or future.

-by Raymond Buckland
Scrying is a fascinating practice in that it enables you to literally “see” the future (or present or past). Almost any reflective surface can be used for scrying. A crystal ball and a gazing mirror are two of the best.

The crystal should be without flaw – no scratches on its surface or bubbles within. Rest the ball on a background of black. A blace velvet cloth is ideal. This can, in turn, rest on a table in front of you or can cover your hand(s) if you wish to hold the crystal. This black background is to ensure that you see nothing around the ball to distract you as you gaze into it . Initially you should work alone, in a room that is quiet and dark. Your temple, of course, is the ideal place. Have just one small light, preferably a candle. Place the light so that you do not see it reflected directly in the crystal. Burn a pleasant-smelling incense, since it will help you concentrate. Work in a consecrated circle, at least to begin with. Later, if you should want to use the crystal elsewhere, you can simply imagine yourself surrounded by, and completely encompassed in, white light; though even then I would strongly advise casting a small circle about yourself
with your athame. Start by saying some protective prayer, then ask for guidance and protection.

Now sit and gaze into the crystal trying to keep your mind blank. Do not stare at the ball unblinking; this will just cause eyestrain! Gaze – blinking your eyes naturally, as necessary. Do not try to imagine anything in the ball. Just try to keep your mind blank. After a while (anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes) it will seem that the ball is filling with white mist or smoke. It will gradually grow more and more dense until the ball seems full of it.. Then, again, gradually, the smoke will thin and fade, leaving behind a picture – almost like a miniature television picture. It might be in black-and-white but is more likely to be in color. It might be still or moving. It might be from the past, present or future. Also, it is very likely to be a symbolic picture, requiring some interpretation – much like a dream.
Initially, you have not control over what you see. You must just take what comes. As you become more adept, you may meditate for a few moments before gazing on what you wish to see. Then, when you start to gaze, clear your mind and try to keep it blank. Most people seem caable of success at scrying. If you get nothing the first time you try, then try again the next night, and then the next. It may take a week or more before you get anything, but keep trying. Do not, however, try for more than about ten minutes or so at each attempt.

A black gazing mirror seems to work better for some people than a crystal. It is not difficult to make one for yourself. You need a piece of glass, free from flaws and imperfections. Coat one side three times with asphaltum or black paint or spray it with black spray paint.

Whichever tool you use, keep it wrapped in a cloth and do not permit sunlight to strike it. It is traditional to “charge” the crystal by holding it up to be struck by the light of the full moon once a month.

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