Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple Charms

Basil at the door, windows or scattered in the home will increase

Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil from your

Eat a pinch of Thyme before bed, and you will have sweet dreams.

Place chips of Cedar wood in a box with some coins to draw money to

Carry an Anemone Flower with you to ward against illness.

Hang a bit of Seaweed in the kitchen to ward evil spirits.

Keep a jar of Alfalfa in your cupboards to ensure the prosperity of
Your house.

Burn Allspice as an incense to draw money or luck to you, as well as
Speed healing.

Cut an Apple in half, and give one half to your love to ensure a
Prosperous relationship.

Carry an Avocado pit with you to let your inner beauty shine

Avocado is also an aphrodisiac.

Strawberries are an aphrodisiac.

Place a piece of cotton in your sugar bowl to draw good luck to your

Celery is an aphrodisiac.

Place Almonds in your pocket when you need to find something.

Scatter Chili Peppers around your house to break a curse.

Carrying a packet of strawberry leaves will help ease the pains of

Scatter some sugar to purify a room.

Throw rice into the air to make rain.

Carry a potato in your pocket or purse all winter to ward against

Eat five almonds before consuming alchohol, to lighten the effects
Of intoxication.

Place a pine branch above your bed to keep illness away.

Chew celery seeds to help you concentrate.

Carry of chunk of dry pineapple in a bag to draw luck to you.

Ask an orange a yes or no question before you eat it, then count the

Seeds: if the seeds are an even number, the answer is no. If an odd
Number, yes.

Eat olives to ensure fertility.

Toss Oats out your back door to ensure that your garden or crop will
Be bountiful.

Eat mustard seed to ensure fertility.

Place Lilacs around your house to rid yourself of unwanted spirits.

Eat Lettuce to drive lustful thoughts from your mind. (that is an odd one)

Rub a Lettuce leaf over your forehead to help you sleep.

Add Lemon juice to your bathwater for purification.

Eat grapes to increase psychic powers.

Carry a blade of grass to increase your psychic powers.

Smell Dill to get rid of hiccups.

If you place a Dill sachet over your door, those who wish you ill
Can not enter your home.

Place cotton on an aching tooth, and the pain will ease.

Burn cotton to cause rain.

Place pepper inside a piece of cotton and sew it shut to make a Charm to bring back a lost love.

Carry a small onion to protect against venomous animals.

Eat grapes to increase fertility.

Place a sliced onion in the room of an ill person do draw out the

Place an onion underneath your pillow to have prophetic dreams.

Place morning glory seeds under your bed to cure nightmares.

Walk through the branches of a maple tree to ensure that you will
Have a long life.

Mix salt and pepper together and scatter it around your house to
Dispel evil.

Smell peppermint to help you sleep.

Hang a pea pod containing nine peas above the door to draw your
Future mate to you.

Eat a peach to assist in making a tough decisio0n.

Carry peach wood to lengthen your Lifespan.

Carry a walnut to strengthen your heart muscle

By Victoria Martyn

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