Saturday, November 10, 2012

Threshold Smoke

Threshold Smoke

A bonfire is a great fall activity. This is an after dark kind of thing. A great way to experience the Halloween season. Don't try if you are not ready to face your fears. But If You dare this is a very memorable night.

Threshold Smoke

These concoctions are used to aid one in having an Otherworldly experience. They are cast upon the flames of a fire. Please note that some Of the ingredients are POISON! And that another one of them is considered "illegal". The use of these herbs are indicated to aid Solitary
Meditations in the deep woods. Be aware that they will induce "Dark Visions" and reveal your inner fears. According to Monroe, the Druids required one to master such fears to be in tune with Nature and to Achieve "Balance"..I recommend that none of them be tried when
Unsupervised and I also recommend extreme caution.

To make the incense:

Blend the following plants:
Neckweede (Hemp)
Nightshade (Belladonna) (poison)
Ghostflower (Datura)

Keep in a dark (light free) box.

Burn as an incense to facilitate "threshold" and "travelling" works.
source unknown

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