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To begin, stay in or leave a relationship spells

To Keep Your Lover FaithfulSprinkle licorice herb over your spouse or lovers footprints. Place a handful of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your lover or spouse sleeps. Or add cumin to the food you both consume.

Another spell to keep your lover faithful is:

Prepare a small drawstring pouch in a dark color. Fill it with licorice herb, dried and ground unicorn root, a handful of marigolds, fresh rosemary and dried cumin. Place the bag under your lover's side of the bed and s/he will remain faithful.


Spell To End a Relationship
Visualizing your lover standing with you in a wooded clearing under a full moon. Then visualize a white cord tied first to your waist and then to his/hers. Next, call out to the God/ess,

Once bound together
Through love and understanding
I do now choose
To walk a different path,
To cast off the ties of our union
And to seperate our lives.
Bittersweet though our parting be
Let my heart and soul be free.

Visualize yourself untying the cord from your own waist and walking away from the clearing, leaving him/her behind.

Visualizing your lover standing with you in a wooded clearing under a full moon. Then visualize a white cord tied first to your waist and then to his/hers. Next, call out to the God/ess,

Once bound together
Through love and understanding
I do now choose
To walk a different path,
To cast off the ties of our union
And to seperate our lives.
Bittersweet though our parting be
Let my heart and soul be free.

Visualize yourself untying the cord from your own waist and walking away from the clearing, leaving him/her behind.


Perfect Mate Love SpellThis love spell is intended to attract the perfect mate and partner. In the circle, ground and center. Meditate on all the preconceived ideas you have about the perfect partner.

Maybe you have a particular candidate in mind for romance. Release the thought of that person (it would be most unethical to work magick to make a certain person love you; this would violate their free will, and put you in jeopardy by The Law of Return). Release all notions of what your perfect lover will look like. These are externals, and if you cling to them then you run the risk of overlooking your ideal mate simply because your conscious mind was focused on superficialities.

Equipment Needed:
Two candles: One white, One in your favorite color
Two candle holders
A rose colored altar cloth
A piece of red chalk

This love spell can be performed at any time. I usually find that the evening is the best. When your mind is clear and open, hold the candle of your favorite color: this represents you. Meditate, then speak aloud all the qualities and energies you are willing to bring to an intimate relationship. Replace that candle on the altar, and pick up the white one. This represents your ideal partner. Speak aloud the essential qualities you desire in a mate, and ask Aphrodite to bring you together in this lifetime.

Now place the two candles in their holders at opposite ends of the altar. Draw a heart on the center with the red chalk, large enough for both candle holders. Each day thereafter, meditate on the perfect loving relationship for a few minutes, and move the two candles an inch close together. If you started on the new moon, then by full moon the candles should be touching in the center of the heart. When they meet, draw two more hearts around the first one, raise energy by singing your favorite love song, and charge the candles.

Spell To Make Love SecureTake a lock of hair from your lover or spouse and tie a pink ribbon around it.
Light three pink candles and then place the hair in a hollowed out apple along with a pinch of ground cinnamon, 7 rose petals and a lock of your own hair tied with a white ribbon.
Pass the apple through the flame of each candle while visualizing yourself and your lover.
Wrap the apple in a piece of white cloth, then bury it under the window where you sleep.
This will help strengthen the existing bond between you.

To Draw a New Lover to You(Attraction Charm)

By the light of a full moon, take a silver ring and wrap it in a clean white cloth. Dig a small hole and bury the ring inside. While focusing on the kind of lover you are looking for and pouring a small amount of wine (or milk) over the earth recite these words:

Blessed Mother fair and true
This Gift I offer unto You
Bless this ring and make it shine
Bring a lover to be mine
So Mote it Be!

Leave the ring buried until the next full moon, then dig it up and wear it. If your lover is near, he/she will be drawn to you


Dandelion Love Letter

Go outside and pick a Dandelion for yourself.

Allow a few days for this flower to completely move into a dried state.

Choose a nice sunny day, preferably on a Friday, as Friday’s are excellent
for Love Spells.

Go outside with your dried Dandelion. Close your eyes and imagine the most
amazing love that you attract to you and enjoy for as long as you wish to.
Imagine how they love you and you love them, and how you both freely and
respectfully demonstrate this love to each other in a way you both most
enjoy. Imagine it being healthy, happy and grounded, as well as romantic.
You may envisage the qualities of someone you already know, without
attachment that it has to be them.

As you imagine this, and you fill your own heart with love and happy
feelings, blow gently onto the dried dandelion and allow the seeds to
disperse into the wind.

These seeds are messengers of your wish for love. They move with the natural
energies of the Universe to send out the message of what you desire and also
know will come to you.

Then let it go, the dandelion and the wish. Smile and walk away, without
hope, need, impatience or anything. Instead just trust and know that what
you desire and have cast for, will happen when it is the right time for it


January Love Spell

You will need a red candle, a white candle, two candle holders, a ballpoint pen, vanilla scented oil, and a piece of rose quartz.

Turn on some soft, romantic music, draw a magic circle, and call in your favorite love goddess or god. With the ballpoint pen, write the name of the deity and your initials on the red candle. Then draw a heart around what you've written. Write the deity's name and your initials on the white candle, but encircle them with a sun symbol instead of a heart symbol. This symbolizes the linking of earthly and divine love. Next, cover both candles with a thin coating of the vanilla oil, and place them in their holders. Wipe the oil off your hands. Put the piece of rose quartz between the candles. Light the red candle. As you do, imagine its light as being divine love that ignites the fiery passion in your very soul. Now light the white candle, and see the this divine love igniting your love life even more.

Now, pick up and hold the rose quartz in your power hand (your right hand if you are right-handed and vice versa). Feel it warm up from the heat of your hand. Gaze deeply into the flames and say:

Flaming fires of divine love,

Brighten my love life every day,

Help me experience love and joy

In many splendorous and romantic ways.

Hold the stone in your hand while you gaze into the flames. Imagine the romantic and splendorous ways you can experience more love every day of the year. Thank deity and close the circle. Carry the rose quartz with you in your pocket or purse to encourage more love in your daily life.


Make him/her choose me spell.

"I here by invoke the power of lovers.

May they be present in my life.

May they participate in my relationship choices

May they participate in making ( name) to choose me

Make him/her love me.

May they bring about eternal love between us.

May our lives be filled with abundant love for each other.

In the name of Archangel Gabriel so mote it be."

It is not necessary that you use candles. Say it from your heart, and as many times as possible ( thousand times a day if possible), but every time you must say it with same intensity as the previous time if not more from your heart. this will raise your energy level far beyond candles can give.

Good luck with your guy/gal


A spell to find true love or friendship

You will need:
A pink candle/red candle (Pink for friendship or red for love, depending on what you want)
A piece of paper (Either red or pink depending on the intent.)
If both can't be found, just use a white sheet of paper)
A pen (Any color ink is fine but it is advisable to use pink for friendship, red for love)
Some rose incense

The spell:

This spell must take three days to perform and is best if done at night.
You may wish to wear something red or pink depending on what you want, love or friendship.

The first part of the spell is to find a room that is dimly lit and begin the spell by first lighting
the candle and incense. Close your eyes and meditate, inhale the sweet smell of the rose
incense, feeling as if you are totally surrounded by roses.

Totally relax yourself and free yourself from tension

After feeling totally relaxed, take the piece of paper and the pen and write down what you want your friend or dream lover to be, whether you want him to be handsome or you want him to be the quiet type, write everything down.

Think about what you want his character to be and write everything down. Concentrate hard on these characteristics and tell yourself that there is such a perfect person in the world.

You may even wish to write a love poem to strengthen the spell but please make sure your poem is original as in you wrote it yourself.

Once you think that you have listed everything, look deep into the candle flame of the pink candle and meditate hard on this person you wish to conjure up.

Then before you end the spell, repeat this incantation:

''I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I am the queen, you are the bee
As I desire, so mote it be!"

Perform this spell for three consecutive nights to see if you have any more things you wish to
add to that list.

On the third night repeat the same procedure, only that at the end of the spell you use the flame from the pink candle and burn the whole paper and leave the paper in a bowl to cool.

Then drop three drops of wax on the ashes and spiritually cleanse the ash by waving rose incense over it.

Right after, take a small pouch and empty the ash into the pouch.

Then fill the pouch with a mixture of white and red rose petals and leaves.

Carry the small pouch with you wherever you are to attract this friend or lover you conjured
into your life.


Attract Love Spell by Pagan Magic

Red Candle
Rose Quartz

Light the candle and whilst holding the crystal say the following:

" I call on forces higher than I,
To awaken the dreams that I hold inside.
Through this connection that knows my need,
I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.
May this work for me in the most correct way,
Attracting the love I need today.
I call on thee in perfect love and trust,
Working with me sending what's just,
Harming none and helping all is how it should be,
This I make true three x three x three"


Aphrodite Eternal Spell For Love

Write the names of the two people on a piece of paper, fold and bind it with red thread.

Sprinkle with herbs of love and burn with a red candle in your cauldron. Recite the following and when finished, bury the ashes or scatter to the winds.

"Aphrodite Goddess of degraded love and sanctity of marriage make our cup runneth over and bless us with Your love.

Aphrodite rising from the wine-dark sea grant us health and fertility, fidelity and trust grant us wealth and virility honesty and lust.

Aphrodite bless this union make our two hearts beat as one, make the flames of passion burn without burning us, without hurting us blaze without blinding us, fire without end.

Aphrodite force of nature, let us love each other all we have to give. Let us be together in thus life and the next.

Aphrodite Queen of beauty, we do honor You each time we make love. Make our bond to last forever. Grant us eternal love.

Aphrodite, Goddess of windblown foam, give us healthy children and a happy home.

Aphrodite, bless this union and smile upon our love."


Gentle love spell

See me, beloved, though I fear your eyes.
Hear me, beloved, though I fear the sound.
Tell me, beloved, though I fear your voice.
Know me, beloved, though I fear your heart.

This is most definitely not a binding type of spell, although it does
bring near you (as in physical location and general attention) the one you think you love
at first, and anyone else you might love or who might love you. It will also give you
confidence(if you don't have it) to speak to her(him). I am not certain, but it might also
bring you to a truer love than the rest.
~source unknown


Bring Back My Lover Spell Source Unknown

This spell can be used to bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends.
the best time to cast the spell is at precisely 8:00 in the evening.

You will need the following:

Two white candles
A photo or drawing of your lover or friend make sure he is alone in the
photo - cover or cut anyone - including yourself out of the picture
a photo of yourself smiling
a chamomile tea bag
a piece of blue material

The spell:

1) At exactly 8:00 in the evening light the candles and take a few deep
breaths to relax yourself.

2) try to imagine a peaceful scene - somewhere beautiful and wonderful.

3) Now relaxed, hold the picture of the person in your hand and repeat
these words:

"With the light of the flame
I'll light your desire,
when I speak your name
you'll feel my fire, the spell has been cast
So Be It!"

4) Say his name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on
top of his so that the two images are together.

5) Wrap the two pictures along with the tea bag in the blue cloth.

6) Put the package in a safe place (top of the closet).

7) To insure that your ex gets the message- light the candles at 8:00
each night and say his name three times.

8) wait three weeks and then see if he wants to meet for lunch or dinner
He will have a strange desire to do so!


Begin the spell on Friday, the day traditionally associated with Venus. Repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights.

One Red Heart Cloth
One Red Candle
One Mirror
One White Cloth
Seven Pins
One Scent of Venus Incense Stick (or you can substitute this for rose,basil or lavender) After a cleansing ritual and relaxing bath, perfume your body with Ylang Ylang oil. Choose a magic area in your bedroom, lay out a white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast a protective circle, light the candle and incense, focus on your sexual energy and chant...

"I call thee, beloved one,
To love me more than anyone.
Seven times I pierce thy heart,
Today the magic of Venus starts.
I bind thy heart and soul to me;
As I do will, so let it be."

Repeat the chant seven times, placing pins in the heart one at a time after repeating...

"Seven times I pierce thy heart".
Snuff out the ceremonial candle and incense.
Leave the pins in the heart until the following night."


Cord Love Spell

You will need - 3 Cords of equal length in Pastel Colors.

Braid the cords together. Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid thinking of your need for love. Tie another knot a little further down & keep tying knots, until you have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love.

As you Tie each knot say:

Cords entwine

your heart and mine

Tied together ... you and I

Tied together ..... until we die.

Once you have found your love, burn the cord & throw the ashes into a moving body of water.


 Love sprinkle spell

Need to attract some new love into your life? Give this simple flash spell a try.With your hands, mix toegther equal parts of: ORRIS ROOT and LAVENDER as you imagine love coming into your life. See the love, feel the love -- smile as it makes you happy.Take the MIXTURE and sprinkle a PINCH in every CORNER of every ROOM in your house.Repeat every 3 months as needed.

Afro-Caribbean Love Spell
Source: Unknown

Take 15 gms of High John root, 8 cc fresh blood from a sacrificial
chicken (or lamb), 2.7 mg of saffron and a dash of sweat or, better yet,
moon flow from the unsuspecting member of the opposite sex.

While drumming, rattling, or chanting whatever comes to mind draw the
following in Corn Meal on the floor in front of you. Place the High John
mixture in some Rum, in a glass bottle, and shake. Dance over and around
the maraasa sigil above and swish the Rum mixture in your mouth,
spitting and spraying it over the sigil (veve).

After you're finished, dip your hands into the Rum mixture and sprinkle
a bit of it on the earth, giving thanks to one of your ancestors while
you do. For the maximum effect, pour the rest of the mixture in the MOS'
car, sink, garage, or lawn, as you give thanks to the ancestor. Wait 3-5
days and call the MOS from a pay-phone and plan a date. By the way,
remember the ol' magical adage, what goes around comes around, wait
until MOS does first.
WARNING: The use of blood in a spell or ritual can be extremely volitile
and should be done by someone who is experienced with the results. Blood
effects spirits in a strong manner so if you are inviting spirits
beware. Also, VooDoo and Santeria practitioners use their sacrifice.
They cook it and eat it after the ritual unless they are using the
carcass to draw ill health from someone into the chicken or lamb which case it is burried and given back to the earth. The
use of blood in ritual is not taken lightly in this particular
tradition. The practitioner goes through extensive training in order to
be considered adept and resposible enough to do so.

Also, always remember the laws of Karma. If you would not like someone
to aim this spell toward you then you should not do it either.

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