Thursday, November 8, 2012

Witch balls for protection and as gifts

Witch Protection Balls By D.J. Conway

Witch balls have been around for centuries, but is is nearlyimpossible (and very costly) to buy one.

These silvery balls were once common fixtures in windows, particularly in England, where they were said to repel evil thoughts and curses. Most Pagans don't feel they can spend several hundred dollars to purchase such a ball, even if they could find one, butt here is no reason you can't make one.

You will need a clear glass ball or Yule ornament with an opening in one end If the glass ball has some kind of design, choose one you like or one you can change with further decoration.

You will also need a bottle of silver paint found in hobby stores,

a few drops of frankincense orpatchouli oil,

a spool of red thread,

and a pair of scissors.

Cover you working space with newspaper to protect against spills.

Take the metal cap off the ornament. Carefully pour a little of the silver paint inside the ball and swish it around until the inside is completelycoveredwith the silver. Set it aside to dry.

When the paint is totally dry, cut the red thread into three inch-lengths.Carefully poke this thread into the open end of the ball. Continuecuttingand putting the thread into the ball untill the ball is nearly full.

Put ina few drops of oil.

Then put the end back on the ornament. If it has no end seal it with candle wax.

When you hang the protection ball, chant:

Symbol of the Moon,
symbol of the Lady divine,
Reject all negativity,
defend this home (car),
me and mine.

This protection ball can be hung in the window of your home or in your car.

Any negative thoughts or ill-wishes directed against you are reflected back to the sender.

You can also decorate the outside with appropriate designs.You can put them onto wreaths or make them part of a dried flower arrangement. Programmed for protection, these little Witch balls do a very good job.

Here's some different instructions on how to make them:

Witch Balls by Marilyn Warren

You will need the following items:

Clear Glass balls - the colorless kind.
I tried with plastic, but thepaint would not stick very well. I have used teardrops and bells, but the balls work best.

Silver paint- I found that silver aluminum type works best - it is more reflective Red yarn cut in short lengths - enough to fill the ball Red ribbon for hanging Decorations to hide the hangy-down thing on top of the ball (Ilike misteltoe and holly)

First pour the silvery paint into the ball and swirl it around to cover. Since it is supposed to be reflective, the silveraluminum paint they use for metal outdoor stuff is the best, but in a pinch,silver acrylic will do. Stand the ball on it's top and let dry and drain for 24 hours. Do not skim here. If it is not fullydry, thepaint will fall away from the ball. When it is dry, stuff it full ofthe cutlengths of red thread. Make sure it is really full.

I usually putsome salt and sage into it,

along with some of my Yule incense,

justbecause it feels right, but the directions did not say to do this.

When the ball is stuffed full, place the metal hanger thing back on top. I usually glue it to make sure it does not fall off.

If you do not use salt and incense, you may not have to glue it.

I cut a length of red ribbon and attach it for a hanger.

I glue on some mistletoe and holly tomake itlook pretty.

You can also use those pre-made flowers or anything else you would like.

When it is done, I take it into my circle and consecrate it with fire, air, water and earth. I infuse it with the energy of protection, peace and harmony.

When I am done, I hang itin myYule tree.

I also have them hanging in every room and in all my windows

.You can color-coordinate the decorations to suit the room. This would be a good protection item for those who are not out of the broom closet, a sit were or who do not wish to draw attention to their pagan leanings

Salt dough is one of the easiest things in the world to make, and you can create just about anything from it. Use it with cookie cutters to make your own Sabbat ornaments.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
4 Cups flour
1 Cup salt
1 ½ Cups hot water
1 tsp vegetable oil
Combine the salt and flour, then add the water until the dough becomes elastic. Add the oil at this time and knead the dough (if it's too sticky, add more flour). Once it's a good consistency, make your decorations with cookie cutters. Bake ornaments at 200* until hard (about 20 - 30 minutes). Once they've cooled, paint them with designs and symbols, and seal with clear varnish.

If you're planning to hang them, poke a hole through the ornament BEFORE baking them. Then after you've varnished them, run a ribbon or thread through the hole.

You can also make jewery out of the dough much the same way you would an ornament.


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