Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Witch's Garland

Bind, knot and braid any of the following into several pieces of silk
But, by enough silk cord so you may hang it throughout your room.
This Particular Garland is for love, but, using your imagination, you can
Create One for any other purpose, sucvh as God/Goddess Priestess,
Prosperity, etc.,
Etc... Go into Alpha and cast a Magick Circle everytime to add Something
New. Charge the object and anoint both the object and section of the
Cord With a love potion or a love oil, as well.

Some things to bind in the cord:

* Pictures of 2 famous lovers
* A statue of a Goddess or God
* Dried flowers/herbes (also silk flowers/herbes)
* Old love letters
* Love stones such as pink quartz, emeerald, rhodochrosite
* Old valentines
* Wedding invitations
* Circular crystal bands (rings) or other favorite rings
* Glass boittles filled with red or pink love powders or glitter.
* Feathers (such as: swan, canary, cardinal, etc.)
* Small stuffed animals to represent familiars, totems, or poppets
* Cinnamon/Applesauce X-Mas ornaments
* Various colours of ribbons & beads braided throughout
* Engagement and/or Wedding (Handfasting) Bands or Class Ring
* Sprigs of mistletoe
* Various miniature-sized musical instruments
* Small love gifts (even from yourself)
* Bottles filled with seeds, such as: Pumpkin, Poppy, Sunflower,
* Earrings given by a lover
* Various amulets and talismans
* Inscribed dog tags either familiar/pet or otherwise
* Bottles of magick oils, potions & incense
* Written spell on parchment
* Cyrstal pendants and amulets, etc...
* Rolly-Polly Dolls & Poppets
* The Lovers Tarot Card
* Love letters and personal/favorite poems
* Philtres kept in Magick bags & Sachets
* Bottles of bee pollin
* Pieces of tumbled coral
* Miniature-sized wands made with stones for love/romance
* Small bottle of shed Wolf Hair (they mate for life)
* Small vial of your familiar's shed fur
* Shells & dried out Starfish
* Photos of you, your family/friends and lovers or pets, etc...

When you feel as though yoiu are finished, take the garland (cord)
And hang It around your room from the ceiling, after screwing some hooks
Around at The corners of your room.

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