Monday, October 22, 2012

Some of my favorites From Scott Cunningham

Invoking The Four Winds

Gather supplies you will be using in your ritual, set up your altar
Outdoors in an open area where the wind has room to flow. Accurately
Figure the directions. Turn to proper direction when addressing each
Wind; if you are only invoking one Wind, pause longer facing it, and
Concentrate harder on your intent and the associations of the Wind
Before moving on. Concentrate on feeling the Wind(s).

"Wind of North, rushing and mighty! Aid me in my magickal work!"

"Wind of East, dazzling and bright! Aid me in my magickal work!"

"Wind of South, fiery and radiant! Aid me in my magickal work!"

"Wind of West, gentle and buoyant! Aid me in my magickal work!"

From Scott Cunningham's Earth Power


The Stone Jar - A Home Protection Charm

Gather several small stones of various colors. If possible, choose
Some stones from the beach, some from rivers, some from deserts, and some
from mountains. This isn't necessary, of course, so use what you can find.

Obtain an earthenware jar, a crock, or some other clay pot. You'll
Need enough stones to fill it. Hold one of the stones in your projective
Hand. Visualize the stone emitting protective energies.

As you visualize, say these or similar words:

'Stone from the mountain,
Stone from the well;
Stone from the desert,
Charge now my spell'

Place the stone into the pot, saying these or similar words:

'Into the pot I place this stone
To guard my hearth,
My house my home.'

Repeat the entire procedure with each stone. This will take some time,
Depending on the size of the jar that you've chosen.

When the jar is full, place it {uncovered} somewhere in your home,
While saying:

'Pot of stones,
Guard this place;
Send all ill
Far apace!
Send it back
'Neath the ground;
Bury it;
It is bound!'

'So mote it be!'

From: Scott Cunningham


Scott Cunningham's basic moon brew

Silver container,
spring water,

Set a silver container filled with water out
on the night of a Full Moon just as it rises.
Allow the water to soak up lunar rays all night, then just
before dawn, rise and retrieve the water.
Place the water in an earthen jug and cork tightly.
Use this brew to anoint money to increase wealth.
Touch it to your brow to promote psychic awareness.
Or place it in the bath prior to lunar rituals to become
attuned with the spiritual planes. 

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