Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crafty spells


"Love Sewing" Spell

What you'll need:

* Moonlight (the moon must be showing)

* A needle and thread

* 1 square foot of pink or red felt

* Any small items that symbolize
Love for you (love letters, jewelry,
Herbs, song lyrics, crystals, stones,
Whatever means something regarding
Love for you...)

STEP 1: Cut out two 4 inch square
Pieces of felt.

(The pieces will be quickly
Sewn together to form a small make sure they are
The same size and shape.)

STEP 2: Use your needle and thread
To simply sew the 2 pieces together.

Make sure to leave an opening on
1 edge. (Don't sew 1 edge.)

STEP 3: Before you place each item
Into the pouch, hold it close to
Your heart, close your eyes, and
Visualize what that specific item
Means to you.

STEP 4: Once all of the items are
In the pouch, make sure the moonlight
Is hitting it while you sew up the
Open edge, to seal the pouch.

STEP 5: Close your eyes, hold the
Pouch to your heart and say:

"By my hands the spell is begun;
Love comes to me through what I
Have done."

STEP 6: Keep the pouch close to
Your bed at night, and carry it
With you at least once a week.

STEP 7: Each time there's a
Full moon repeat steps 4, 5, and
6 above to keep love flowing into
Your life...


Casting a shadow ball spell

Shadow Ball (A darker form of a Psy ball, with a bit more of a bang ; )

Items you will need


Casting Instructions for ' Shadow Ball'

For those of you familiar with creating a Psy Ball, this will be a descently
easy technique to get the hang of. If you do not know how to create a Psy
Ball, then I DO NOT reccomend you try this.

To start with, create a Shadow Circle. Fill the circle with the enrgies of
darkness, and do a short meditation, just long enough until you find inner
peace. The room should be cold, and incredibly dark, especially now that you
have forged a Shadow Circle with a descent amount of energy.

Lift your recessive hand and Begin to draw in the Darkened energies of the
circle. After you have drawn about a quarter of the energiues therin, open
your eyes and take a look at what you have forged. Continue this process
until you have a ball that has consumed all of the energies in the Circle.
What do you see now?

This technique can be used in many ways. One, to send after somebody if you
have experience in energy-storing Thoughtforms or Servitors. Or you could
use it as a direct attack on a nearby enemie's Soul:) Tis your choice:)

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