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Spirit work incense and powders

Ghost Powder

This simple powder will avert ghosts and spirits when it is placed in their path.

(one part each)
Dried rosemary leaves, ground to a powder
Sea salt
Garlic powder

It is best made while the moon is waning.


Clairoyance Incense

Weither your a first timer giving Clairoyance a try or a seasoned Pro, your contact will be inhanced by this incense.

Definition: Clairvoyance is the gift of second sight. Clairvoyance is a visual form of ESP (extrasensory perception) involving perceiving or intuiting information by way of seeing auras, colors, images, or symbols via third eye sensory. Other common forms of ESP are clairaudience (inner hearing), clairsentience (feeling or sensory experience), and knowing (unwavering awareness).

3 parts frankincense
A few drops bergamot oil
½ part angelica
½ part bay
½ part mugwort
½ part damiana

Blend together and burn on charcoal


Move on Ghost Mix

Have a lost ghost or spirit in your home? Do you find it hard to co-exisit? Give them a helping hand with this incense.

Make an HERBAL MIX with equal parts of *GROUND COFFEE, POWDERED BISTORT and PINE NEEDLES.Burn the HERBAL MIX on SPELL CHARCOAL in the rooms that are affected.

You can take the incense from room to room - wafting the smoke into all of the room's corners.
*No Decaf coffee. The stronger the coffee the better - it is not to be brewed, but burned.*


Traveling the Underworld Incense

Gods and Goddesses of Death and the Underworld
Death is rarely so apparent than it as at Samhain. The skies have gone gray, the earth is brittle and cold, and the fields have been picked of the last crops. Winter looms on the horizon, and as the Wheel of the Year turns once more, the boundary between our world and the spirit world becomes fragile and thin. In cultures all over the world, the spirit of Death has been honored at this time of the year. Here are just a few of the deities who represent death and the dying of the earth.

Anubis (Egyptian): This god with the head of a jackal is associated with mummification and death in ancient Egypt. Anubis is the one who decides whether or not one the deceased is worthy of entering the realm of the dead.

Demeter (Greek): Through her daughter, Persephone, Demeter is linked strongly to the changing of the seasons and is often connected to the image of the Dark Mother and the dying of the fields. When Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter's grief caused the earth to die for six months, until her daughter's return.

Freya (Norse): Although Freya is typically associated with fertility and abundance, she is also known as a goddess of war and battle. Half of the men who died in battle joined Freya in her hall, Folkvangr, and the other half joined Odin in Valhalla.

Hecate (Greek): Although Hecate was originally considered a goddess of fertility and childbirth, over time she has come to be associated with the moon, cronehood, and the underworld. Sometimes referred to as the Goddess of the Witches, Hecate is also connected to ghosts and the spirit world. In some traditions of modern Paganism, she is believed to be the gatekeeper between graveyards and the mortal world.

Hel (Norse): This goddess is the ruler of the underworld in Norse mythology. Her hall is called Éljúðnir, and is where mortals go who do not die in battle, but of natural causes or sickness.

Meng Po (Chinese): This goddess appears as an old woman, and it is her job to make sure that souls about to be reincarnated do not recall their previous time on earth. She brews a special herbal tea of forgetfulness, which is given to each soul before they return to the mortal realm.

Morrighan (Celtic): This warrior goddess is associated with death in a way much like the Norse goddess Freya. The Morrighan is known as the washer at the ford, and it is she who determines which warriors walk off the battlefield, and which ones are carried away on their shields. She is represented in many legends by a trio of ravens, often seen as a symbol of death.

Osiris (Egyptian): In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is murdered by his brother Set before being resurrected by the magic of his lover, Isis. The death and dismemberment of Osiris is often associated with the threshing of the grain during the harvest season.

Whiro (Maori): This underworld god inspires people to do evil things. He typically appears as a lizard, and is the god of the dead.

Yama (Hindu): In the Hindu Vedic tradition, Yama was the first mortal to die and make his way to the next world, and so he was appointed king of the dead. He is also a lord of justice, and sometimes appears in an incarnation as Dharma.

4 parts myrrh
1 part bistort root
½ part blackberry wood
½ part valerian root
1 part cypress needles
½ bluebell flowers
½ part fern

Blend together and burn on charcoal


Spirit Powder

-Spirit Powder- is a simple incense recipe Barbara Morris came up with several years ago and sold in her store, some of you may remember it, a white powder with parchment angels that were used to ignite the powder inside.

One of the reasons I came up with this recipe was because I wanted a self-igniting incense that I could easily use in rituals and spells. I have NEVER before revealed this recipe, It is simple but the out come is quite enchanting and very easy to use, the -White Sage- is a
sacred herb that welcomes spirits and is perfect for cleansing and blessing a home or creating sacred space for magical workings.

1/4 oz ( one quarter oz) of dried White Sage leaves
1 Teaspoon *Saltpeter
Parchment paper
Paper punch (Angel shape)

How to:

Using an electric grinder (like for coffee beans), grind up all dried
White sage leaves until they turn into a powder, place in a mixing

Next, sprinkle in the Saltpeter and mix thoroughly, the Saltpeter will
make your spirit powder self ignite and is a chemical you should treat
with great care, DO NOT add more then recommended, it could be
dangerous !!!

Next take your parchment paper and punch out tiny shapes, I always
used an ANGEL paper hole punch, but you could use stars, moons or any
other shape that lends its self to magic. Add a number of parchments
angels to your Spirit Powder, and mix. That's it, your done, place
your Spirit Powder in a special vessel for storing.

Ready for use:

When you are ready to use your -Spirit Powder-, find a fire proof
vessel, and place about 1 tablespoon of your Spirit Powder in a heap
on top and place one of your parchment angels sticking out of the heap
on top, Light your parchment angel and let it burn down till it reaches
the powder, the powder will start to release small sparks and self
ignite, this is normal, you can use a feather or a small breath to
help it along. It should burn till its done, make sure all powder is
completely cooled before discarding.

* Saltpeter a chemical potassium (or sodium) nitrate is a very
combustible ingredient that makes your incense burn, self-lighting.
PLEASE use great caution when using this ingredient

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