Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping Balance Spells

Balance Spell

Daylight Saving Time has begun; now Spring is truly here. To achieve balance and prepare yourself for the active months ahead this spell may help.

To start, light a gray candle, and place before it the Chariot card from the tarot. Take a good look at the card. The charioteer is strong, determined, but above all he is balanced. Now write a list of the things you wish to improve in your life so you may achieve balance—a better diet, financial control, better relationships, and so on. Each time you read your list say the words of power below, and soon you'll gain control over your life:

West, east, south and north,

As the Chariot I go forth;

Careful in thought, word, and deed,

I have the strength to succeed. .

.....James Kambos


Ring of Balance Spell

It can be difficult finding balance today. Being able to come home to a
nurturing environment is a necessary luxury, vital to good mental
health. To do so, try following these helpful magical herbal tips.
Honeysuckle has a calming energy, making it perfect for what we most
need in our daily lives.

For this spell, form vines of honeysuckle into
a small wreath, focusing on having a balanced home. Decorate the wreath
with objects, herbs, or flowers representing things you need to bring
into your home in order for the energy to feel more balanced. Hang the
wreath in your home for a week, and afterward leave it as an offering
outside where you think its energy is needed.

By Laurel Reufner


Task balancing Spell

We are all in a constant state of flux and disequilibrium. The Libra
Moon can help teach us how to flow in the midst of an ever-changing
world. We need to learn how not to get stuck and to go with the stream.

For this spell, draw a large circle on a piece of paper. Then make
segments of various sizes to indicate all the activities you are
currently involved in. Perhaps work will get a big segment, and your
personal relationships will get another fairly large segment.

Continue to divide up the page into segments representing eating,
sleeping, alone time, creative Projects, and so on.

When you are done, see if there are any areas of your life that are not getting enough
attention, and if other areas are taking too much attention.

Then take a new piece of paper, redraw the circle, and reapportion the segments to
the fit your vision of the way you would like to live your life. You can
then choose to bring balance to your life with a prayer of intention:

Goddess, help bring balance into all areas of my life.
So be it.

By: Jonathan Keyes

Holiday bliss spell

For a bit of extra holiday bliss at this time of year, you will need
at least four large vanilla-scented candles.

The holidays are a good time to become frazzled and then just stay that way.

This simple spell relies on both the scent of the candles and the ambience they create.

Place candles in the living room, kitchen, your bedroom, and the
bathroom. Feel free to put them in other rooms as well.

Make sure your candles are in areas that are safe for burning— that they won't scorch
the surface they are resting on and they won't set alight anything that is hanging nearby.

Each evening, burn your candle for a half hour or so, take a few deep breaths, and let the stress melt away.

By: Laurel Reufner

Cauldron of Care Spell

When you hear of friends or loved ones in need, write their name on a slip of paper along with a brief note about their troubles, or what you wish for them. This may be "better health, ease of mind, prosperity," and so on. Put the slips of paper in a small cauldron. Each day, take time to look
through the slips of paper to remind you of the people in need. On the night of the Full Moon, sprinkle a pinch of rosemary, Echinacea, and mugwort over the papers, and set them afire. Speak this petition as the papers burn:

"To mother Moon I send this plea,
May those in need be trouble-free.
Through the power of these herbs,
And my will,
So mote it be."



Witches ball new years spell

To promote prosperity and harmony in the coming year, pass one dozen small
Yule tree balls of various colors, some orange peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg,
and some prosperity oil through your favorite cleansing incense.
Grind the herbs and orange peel in a mortar and pestle, saying:

"New Year blooms in winter light,

Bringing joy and love each night.

With the dawn comes strength and more.

Prosperity enters through my door."

Add three drops of Jupiter oil to the herbal mixture, and stir seven times. Fill each ornament with a little of the herbal combination. Hang the ornaments on a tree outside,
asking the winds of change to bring prosperity and harmony into your life.


3x3 spell

To get rid of physical, emotional, or spiritual negativity, and to
bring forth balance in your life, try the Three Times Three spell.

This spell is best performed outdoors during the 3rd quarter of the

You will need one black candle, a small spool of cotton twine, a
small amount of lamp oil, a deep dish to contain the candle, sand to
fill the dish, and a sharp knife or Witch's athame.

Using the knife/athame, inscribe the name of the person, or word
symbolizing the negative situation you are experiencing, near the
bottom of the candle.

Place the candle between your palms and breathe on the candle three
times. With each breath, imagine you are exhaling the negativity you
have received onto the candle.

Take the cotton twine, and tie it around the base of the candle so
that at least two feet of twine hangs from the knot. Begin tightly
coiling the twine around the candle in a counter-clockwise direction.
While doing so visualize a giant, protective, mirrored egg
surrounding you and repeatedly chant:

"Three time three, as ye have sown
Is thine to reap, thy harvest grown.
For best, for worst, for praise or chide,
The Gods alone your fate decide!"

Continue wrapping the candle with the twine until you have spiraled
to the top, covering every bit of candle. Loop the twine, trying it
in a knot to one of the coils at the top near the wick.

Next, take the oil and liberally smear the twine and candle with it--
cover every inch of the entwined candle.

Pour the sand into the dish and then wedge the candle into the sand
so that it stands erect, then light it on fire.

Watch as the candle melts away, knowing that the magical attack has
been deflected.

~author unknown

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