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Moon Magick Spells

Gypsy Magick Cup of Love attracting Spell

Want to attract a new love or strengthen the love you have? Try this!

On the night of a NEW or FULL MOON:


Take a CLEAR GLASS and fill it with WATER. Place the water on top of the PAPER.

Sprinkle ROSE PETALS into the WATER as you imagine your perfect love life with the person on the PAPER.

Leave the PAPER & GLASS undisturbed until the next NEW or FULL MOON (if you started on a new moon - wait until the next new moon). Repeated if needed with new water, new glass and new paper.


Moon Magick breaking a love spell

This spell was originally cast in response to a love spell I cast years ago. The spell worked almost too well. When I felt the need for closure, I conceived this spell.

NEEDED: One red candle
A small cauldron (anything that can hold a small fire will do).
A photograph or lock of hair of whomever the spell was originally cast on.
A pinch each of Dragonsblood (powder preferably), Peppermint, and Basil.

TIME: Best cast under the waning Moon.

Start by casting the ritual circle. When ready to perform spell work, turn facing South with the cauldron before you and the red candle just to the right. Light the photograph from the flame of the red candle and toss it into the cauldron. While doing this, invoke the power of the Southern flame by Chanting:
Hearken to the power of Djinn
King of Salamanders, Fire drakes, and of the Consciousness of flame
May thy power guide my hand.
Then, simply consecrate the flame by sprinkling the herbs into it while commanding:
My body united one with yours
With my heart I was so blind
Mind is grounded, spirit soars
I release us both now from this bind
By my body, by my heart,
By my spirit, by my mind,
By this fear that's really not
Now true love my heart can find.

Gaze into the flame. As you watch the photograph burn, feel the ties that bound you to that person also melt away. After the fire has burnt itself out, take a little time to meditate. Center yourself. The effects of the spell should be almost instantaneous. By the following morning, you'll start to see and feel things with a little more clarity. Don't forget, while closing your circle, to thank and bless Djinn, and the power of fire.


Moon Magick, break a curse Spell

Breaking a curse.
Although the vast majority of curses are only in your mind by the reason of
Your own negativity so this should help you over come this.
Choose the first Saturday of the waning moon and light a black candle.

I return all that is dark and evil to this black candle.
As it burns down so will all that is harmful to me burn away and be
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
So mote it be.

Burn each night until the candle has gone and /or the moon has disappeared
From the night sky.
If necessary bury any leftover wax in the garden or somewhere that animals
Can not find.

Money moon Spell

There are many lunar spells to attract money so heres one for you.
When the Moon is new, place a bank note of the largest denomination you can
Afford and place under your door mat at your front door.
Remove it only when the moon is full and return it there at the next New
Moon if you like.
The bigger the bank note the greater the dividend and the more feet that
Walk over it the better. (I haven't tried this one yet).
Another spell is to place as much money as you can on your windowsill in the
Light of the New Moon.

O magick moon, make my money grow.
You can repeat this also at the next New Moon.


Moon Magick, sandlewood spell

Fragrant sandalwood is ruled by the Moon. It is used as incense espically
For spells for healing, protection and exorcism. Mixed with Frankincense for
A Full Moon rite.

1)Take a large chip of sandalwood and write a wish on it.
2) Burn this in a heat-proof dish,
3) Visualizing your wish as you do so, to make it come true.
1) wear beads made of sandalwood for protection and spiritual development.
2) Leave them in the light of the Full moon occasionally for extra

Willow love match!

Moon ruled Willow could give you an answer about your love life. To discover
If you will have a relationship over the coming year, throw a shoe (must be
Yours) into a willow tree. You can have nine times in all and if your shoe
Catches, you will be with your love by the end of the next year.
Go on give this a try at a party next New Years Eve but remember you will
Need to climb the tree to recover your shoe so if your too drunk then good
Luck, mind you a friend who isn't too intoxicated they could recover it for

Watchful wintergreen

Wintergreen is actual very hard to get these days in the UK. The way I got
Mine was by a herbalists shop where I obtained the herb in cream form so it
Was not in its original state but it worked for the spell I required it for.
Right wintergreen is a moon herb and a protector especially of children.
Place a little inside the pillow case for it will bring them life long good

If you can get it in herb form then mix it with mint and sprinkle it around
The house to remove bad vibes.

The spell I used it for was for a love spell.
First obtain a piece of clothing that has been worn by your intended chose
And spread a little wintergreen over it.
Say these words

'If you are to be mine let this herb bring you to me.
If you are not to be mine then let the scent dull your mind.'
Leave the herb scented clothing for the person to find and if they wear it
You know that the spell has worked however if they put it straight away into
the wash bag/machine then the spell failled.

Coconut Nice

It is said that coconut is ruled by the Moon so if you hang a coconut in
your home it will remain a safe place. however if you dont like having a
hairy fruit then cut one in half, drain it and fill the inside with a
selection of protective herbs such as clove, frankincense, rosemary, mint
and eucalypis. Seal it back up and bury it in your garden. However if you
have no garden but have a balconey with potted plants bury it there


Reed Moon Spells

October 26 - November 24

Gender Association: Feminine

Planetary Ruler: Pluto

Animal Association: Hound

Ruling Deity: Pwyll

Magical Properties: Moon of the Home; Hearth Moon; Winter Moon; Moon which Manifests Truth Fertility; Protection; Love; Family Concerns, Wisdom, scholarship, fearlessness, destiny

The celebration of Samhain now known as Halloween, occurs during the Reed Moon. To the Celts this month hailed the end of the year, a time to cull the livestock and to connect with the ancestors. All around the world festivals that honor the dead are celebrated. During the Reed Moon, light a candle for loved ones who have died and you may receive a message from the spirit world.

The Reed Moon is a good time to use divination to gain insights into the year that has passed. Perform spells that will release old energy and burn symbols of illness and negativity in your bonfire on Halloween. Remember the Celtic year does not begin until the Winter Solstice, so use this interval to dream, not to make plans for the future.

The Haunting Sound Of Reed

In the past, the reed was used to make swift-flying arrow shafts that slew both enemies and game. In this way the plant was linked to the season of death and sacrifice, in which trees shed their leaves and the energy of nature became more introspective. Many early musical instruments also used the reed to create a haunting sound that has been connected to rites for the dead and the summoning of spirits.

Wind Instruments

Modern-day wind instruments have developed from the same principle used by original reed instruments, whereby a current of air is vibrated to produce a melodic sound. Other traditional uses for reed include thatching. Rooftops were thatched with reeds, and as the Celts withdrew into their homes for the winter they honored the plant that gave them shelter, making the reed a symbol of royalty and protection.

Ancestor Spirit Altar

Use this ancestral ritual to connect with your ancestors and other loved ones who have crossed to the spirit world. You will need:

*Ancestral images

*Three white candles


First place the ancestral images on a table, with the flowers and candles. Light each candle in turn and offer a prayer in turn and offer a prayer after each in the following order:

Candle One -

"I honor the Ancestors of my blood."

Candle Two -

"I honor the Ancestors of my heart."

Candle Three -

"I honor the Ancestors of my tradition."

Meditate, letting images peacefully drift through your mind, and ask for a sign that your loved ones are still with you in spirit.

Protection Charm

Use this reed charm to protect yourself from negativity. You will need:

*Freshly cut reed

*A black ribbon

1) Visualize yourself within a circle of white light.

2) Tie a knot in a freshly cut reed, as it will be more flexible, and then say: "Royal reed, plant of my protection, keep me safe until the new year."

3) Suspend the knotted reed from the ceiling using the black ribbon.

4) At Christmas or Yule, take it down and burn it.

Samhain Reed Spell

If you need help in letting go of something from your past, use a little reed magic at Samhain (October 31st). You will need:



*Sea salt


*Fireproof dish

1) Go to a spot along the river bank where reeds grow tall and strong.

2) Sprinkle sea salt on the surface of the water and say, "River of birth, river of death, I honor you. Please accept this offering."

3) Now choose a reed, cut it, and carefully draw a symbol, or write a word, to represent what you wish to release on the reed.

4) Light the reed in the fireproof dish and, as it burns, visualize the old energy being transformed into light and disappearing.

5) Once the reed has burned away, pour the ashes into the water and walk away, feeling fully cleansed of the past.

Traditional Magic

Try bringing some reed magic into your life with these traditional rituals.

*Leap over a small bonfire to leave behind the old year.

*Eat an apple on Samhain at midnight to dream of your spirit guide.

*Carve out a turnip or pumpkin as a lantern of protection.

*Bury an apple at a crossroads as an offering to the spirits of the dead.

*Use the runes for divination or to gain insight into your current situation.


Magick Ring For drawing Love

Want to draw your beloved to you? Try this spell during a NEW MOON.

Supplies: Simple gold wedding band, glass, rose water (water w/rose petals or water w/several drops of rose essential oil, oak leaf, willow leaf, two bay leaves, two bamboo knots, orris root, silver paper, red silk cord


1. Drop the GOLD RING into the GLASS filled with ROSE WATER.
3. Write the name of your beloved on the SILVER PAPER.
4. Place the GLASS on top of the SILVER PAPER - put near a WINDOW so they capture the moonlight. Leave it there until the FULL MOON.
5. By the light of the FULL MOON, remove the RING, hold it near your heart and say your BELOVED'S NAME.
6. Wear the GOLD RING on a RED SILK CORD around your neck.

PS: Do not reveal to anyone the purpose of this spell or what the ring around your neck symbolizes.


New Moon seed spell

This spell is to help the growth of new projects, and should be done
When the first thin crescent of moon shows. You will need a bowl of
Earth or compost and a large seed such as sunflower seeds for each
New goal you wish to work on. An alternative would be to use a pinch
Of alfalfa or cress seeds for each magical goal; these could then be
Eaten once they have sprouted, so that you make the wish part of

Take a seed (or pinch of smaller seeds) for the first magical goal
And cup it in your hands, visualising your purpose as you hold the
Seed/s, being sure that what you ask for is to your benefit and
Doesn't harm yourself or anyone else. When you have done, plant the
Seed/s in the bowl of compost. Then move on to the next goal. You can
Do this spell alone or in a group, but try not to work with more than
Three goals per person, or you won't be able to put as much energy
Into the spell.

When you have planted all your seeds, hold the bowl in your cupped
Hands, breathe in energy (imagine this like sunlight) then visualise
Yourself sending the energy into the bowl of seeds through your
Hands. See this as a stream of light, or a glow or even a tingling
Feeling, whatever works best for you. If you are in a group, send the
Bowl round the circle clockwise so that each person in turn can
Empower the seeds. It may help to visualise the bowl filling with the
Green energy of growth.

When the seeds sprout, plant them out in pots or the garden, or eat
The cress/alfalfa.
Moon Cords

The idea behind moon cords is to embrace and preserve specific
attributes of moon power which are available during a specific moon
phase. These attributes are directed into a length of cord and held
there by knots; thus the attributes are available to the witch at any
time. For example: you may wish to perform some magick which is
appropriate to the waxing moon. Ideally, you would be wisest to wait
until after the moon is new to utilize the most compatible energies
for your work. But what if you have good reason not to wait, and what
if in linear time the moon is actually waning? No problem, if you have
prepared a new moon cord, you can draw upon the new moon power at any
time of any month.

You can prepare a cord during each phase of the moon, and thus, have
available to you the power of each phase. However I strongly suggest
that you use the cords only when absolutely necessary, and try to work
with the phases of the moon in the sky whenever you can.

Use a length of colored wool, or embroidery thread about two feet
long. You can have five different colors if you prefer and prepare
five cords: new, waxing, full, waning and dark. Or you can simplify
matters and use three colors for three cords: new and waxing combined,
full ( alone ), waning and dark combined. I find it sufficient to work
with three.

To prepare a cord during the appropriate Moon phase, Light your
goddess candle and sit at your altar or work table- or go outside.
State alignments, and call on that aspect of the goddess who rules the
phase you wish to put into the cord. This is called charging the cord.
Thus for the new and waxing call upon Diana; for the full call upon
Selene, for the waning call upon Hecate. It's a good idea to use your
athame for this, as the process is related to drawing down the moon.
In a sense, you are drawing her down for each phase to enter your
cord, so you may draw a pentagram over the face of the moon, or over
the candle flame which represents her, and trace a line of power from
the moon or flame into your cord, stating words of power. EX: (fill in
appropriate Goddess name for each moon phase) State alignments then add:

"By the one power.
working for and through me
I hereby call upon you, Diana,
To enter this cord with your power
to charge this cord
enter this cord
for the good of all
and according to free will
for the work of positive magic only
To aid me in my work
at the appropriate times,
According to your will
as these knots are tied."

Then tie nine knots in the cord, placing them equidistant from one
another and use the ninth knot to tie the cord into a circle. then add

"So mote it be"

Place this circle on the altar encircling your Goddess candle, and
leave it there for awhile, meditating if you wish on the phase of the
moon with which you have charged the cord. When you feel your work is
complete, wind the cord into a compact little entity and enclose it in
a tiny pouch or box. This is kept on the altar. It is best kept near
your own tools. When you work with a moon cord either hold it in your
hand or place around your goddess candle, as you do specific magic for
which you need it's aid. When you are finished, put it back in it's
holder. You may take it out and hold it under the moon during it's
name phase, to recharge it, but this is not absolutely essential.
There is no drain on moon power, such as with a battery. The power is
in the moon cord to stay.

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