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Winter Wonderland Spells

Snowy Health Spell

Feeling out of sorts? Try this easy spell for fast relief.

On the evening of a NEW or FULL MOON gather some freshly fallen SNOW and place it into a CLEAR GLASS. Put the GLASS in the windowsill and allow the snow to melt.

Once melted - add 1 to 2 tablespoons of LEMON JUICE.

Repeat as needed!


A Snowball Purification Spell

Snow is nature's purifier. The next time it snows, use this spell to rid your home of negativity.
Ideally, perform this ritual at night during a waning Moon. Turn off all your lights and walk outside, leaving your front door open. Make a snowball, and as you hold it visualize all negative energy as a
Brilliant blue light, streaming out of every window and door, and collecting in the snowball.
Then say

Snow light, crystal light,
Cleansing blue light of winter-
As this snowball melts into the ground
Take with it all negativity.

Place the snowball on the ground where it won't be disturbed. Let it melt naturally taking with it all bad vibrations.
By Ellen Dugan


Snowman Spell

Mix magick with pleasure if you decide to go out in the snow (kids optional).

What you need:

  • Snow

What to do:

Go out into a large open space where there's enough snow to make a snowman (or woman).

Make a snowman which represents a person close to you who could benefit from healing. It doesn't have to be a snow sculpture nor does it have to be very big. Keep your focus as you make it and consider the issues both physical and mental that are affecting that person right now..

Now make 21 snow balls and line them up in front of you about 10 feet away from your snow creation.

Throw each snowball in turn at your snow man whilst chanting the following:

"As I throw this ball of snow, troubles and worries go"

Try and visualise the snowball blasting away any ailments or issues.

When you've finishing throwing the snowballs knock over your snowman and break it up.

By Lyn of "witch and wizard"


Snowman Wishing Spell

Use this spell with the entire family or alone to achieve goals and make wishes come true.

Build a snowman right after or during a snowstorm, so the snow is fresh and pure. You can either write your wishes on pieces of paper and place them inside the snowman while building it or focus as hard as you can on your wish coming true as your snowman takes form. (This method can be a bit harder for children.)

Everyone involved should participate. Have fun. Give him eyes, a nose, a hat, and scarf. Continue to concentrate on your wish/goal until you are done.

Add extra touches to enhance the spell's power, e.g. tie a green scarf around him if you wished for money. Make sure to complete the task. Anything worthwhile in this life takes work, just like building the snowman.

Once you are done, help the spell along. If you wished for a promotion at work, do not call in sick a lot, etc. Explain this to your children as well.

Winter's Magick can be very powerful. While the snowman stands, your wishes will continue to gain power until they are ready to manifest.

Once the snowman melts, so will any barriers in the way of your wishes coming true.

by Lady of the Shadows



You will need:

One peppercorn
A pinch of salt
Pinch of powdered ginger
Pinch of powdered cloves
A small pinch of red cotton cloth

Place the peppercorn in your bowl saying and visualizing:
I charge you with protection
Place the salt in saying: I charge you with stability
Place the cayenne pepper in saying: I charge you with warmth.
Place the ginger in saying: I charge you with protection
Place the cloves in saying: I charge you with protection.
Mix the assembled spices and salt with your fingers, visualize yourselfnhaving a safe health, guarded time. Now transfer the hers to the center of the cloth squares. Fold in half and in half again and sew up the ends. Carry this with you.Make a new charm ever snowy season


Snowman Making Spell

Color: Maroon
Incense: Evergreen
Making a snowman can be much more than just child’s play.
The snowman can also be a guardian
And protector for your household during this season of colds
And flus. If you have snow where you
Live, use it. If not, a small snowman made of Styrofoam balls
Will be just as effective. Use bits of charcoal for
The eyes, and old buttons for the nose and mouth. Be creative,
And be sure to give him personality as you
Sculpt the face. Add evergreen boughs for the arms, and a
Small evergreen wreath for his hat.
Wrap a scarf around his neck, and enchant him by saying
Man of snow,
While cold winds blow,
Protect our home from care and woe.
Health and comfort come to me,
And our home will blessed be.

By Paniteowl


Let it snow spell

Cold and crisp outside? Or is your skiing weekend in danger of being canceled due to lack of the white stuff? A spell to make it snow may be in order. This spell is best done in the evening. Put shaved ice in a blue bowl. Light a blue candle and place it in the bowl, adding more ice if needed to stabilize it.

Then say:

Goddess of the northern cold,
Goddess of the snowy fields,
Bring me snow
From your clouds on high,
Upon the Earth,
May it be revealed.
Let it snow and let it stay,
So in your honor,
We can play!

Leave the candle to burn out, then place the water outside on the ground. Go to bed and dream of soft white snow.
by..... Nancy Bennett


Snow Magick
Lets face it it's winter. There's snow everywhere. Why not use it for some creative Magick. Here are a few thoughts on how.

--To melt hard feelings against you, gather snow that has fallen in a
gentle storm. Write the name of a person who is giving you a hard
time on a piece of paper. Put it in the middle of a glass plate. Take
the snow and pile it on top. Add a dash of sugar. As the snow melts,
the person in question will loosen their grip on you.

--To banish someone or something that has given you a lot of pain,
take snow from a wild storm and follow the same procedure as above.
Be sure to ask the goddess' blessing and that the spell not be
reversed or place upon you any curse.

--Snow poppets are fun to make. If a friend is sick, fashion a tiny
snow person, add something of the persons, such as a lock of hair. As
the snow melts your friend will get better.

--Instead of using your athame in ritual, use and icicle!

--Make snow wishes. With your staff, wand or athame, carve a wish
into the snow. Ask the goddess to grant your wishes. Trace a
pentagram next to the wish to seal it.

--Write a wish on a piece of paper and pack snow around it. Place it
in a jar. As the snow melts, your wish will be granted.

original author unknown

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