Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book Protection Blessing

I have always been a book lover and I look at all books, even the ones I don't like, as being something to respect. Unfortunately books do get destroyed (either by accident or by intent). This is a book blessing to help keep any books you hold sacred, like your Book of Shadows, safe from destruction.

What you need:
  • The book which you want to bless
  • A black pen
  • A white sheet of paper
  • A white envelope
  • Pinch dried mugwort, wormwood or St. John's wort (or a combination of all 3)
What to do:

Cast a circle if you wish.
Take the sheet of paper and with the black ink write the following:
Angels of books who keep the written word safe,
Tuck this book under your wing and keep it free from harm.
Fold the paper up and put it in the envelope. Add the dried herbs before sealing it.
Keep the envelope tucked away in the book or use it as a book mark

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