Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Medicinal Oils

You must first begin by making a Medicinal Oil

Moisture tends to cause medicinal oils and salves to deteriorate and spoil quickly, so you will
need to use dried herbs (like those we sell) rather than fresh herbs. Of course, you could dry
your own herbs, as well.

To Make a Medicinal Oil follow the steps below:

Solar Method
Place the herbs you choose in a glass jar, cover with extra virgin cold pressed olive or coconut
oil and cover tightly.

Place this jar in a warm sunny spot: The warmer the spot, the shorter the time it will need to
sit. Placing this jar in nice warm sand, or in the center of your garden in the sun, you will
probably want to wait two weeks.

Now, you may strain the herbs. You may wish to add another batch of herbs, and repeat the first
three steps... which will make an oil that is double the strength, but takes twice the time to

Place the bottled oil in a cool dark area.

Crock Pot Method

Place the herbs in your crockpot and cover with extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive and/or coconut

Turn the heat on low and let the herbs steep 3-4 hours.
You do not want the herbs to cook or fry: Let medicinal qualities slowly suffuse into the oil. The
lower the heat, the longer you will need to steep the herbs... and the higher the quality of your
oil will be.

Strain the herbs. Pour the oil in a glass bottle or jar, and place in a cool, dark area.

Using Your Oven

Place the herbs in a glass canning jar and cover with extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive and/or
coconut oil.

Put the jar(s) inside a pan half-filled with water.

Place in the oven and turn it on the lowest setting you can.

Remember: Lower heat + longer infusion = better quality oil.
Most ovens display temperature markings starting at 175° or 200°. I hang a candy thermometer in
the oven, placing the temperature dial just before the first indicated number, so the actual
temperature is only 140° or so.

At 175-200 degrees you will need to wait a few hours for your herbs to infuse: At 140 degrees
you'll need to wait longer. Check periodically: The oil will turn a deep color from the herbs as
they infuse.

Strain, and keep in a cool, dark place until ready for use.

Using a Double Boiler
Place the herbs and extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive and/or coconut oil in a double boiler,
covering them with a tight fitting lid.

Bring to a low simmer.

Slowly heat for 1/2 to 1 hour.

Check frequently to be sure the oil is not over heating.
Be careful: You do not want french fried herbs!
Oil builds heat rapidly, and you can go very quickly from a nice herbal infusion to fried comfrey

Strain thoroughly and bottle for use in the salve.

Store in a cool, dark place.

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