Friday, October 26, 2012

Nighmares spells

Nightmare Spell

Eucalyptus Flax or linseed
Chamomile (optional)
Flax or linseed is used to make linen cloth, so if your sheets are linen, you are already set.
Although flax is most often used in money and healing spells, there are many medieval references to using flax around the bedside to ward off evil.
Eucalyptus is also used primarily for healing, but it is a strong repellent to evil spirits or any form of disease.
Lift up your mattress and sprinkle a handful of flax seeds and eucalyptus leaves underneath. If you are experiencing nightmares add a pinch of coarse salt. For insomnia add a pinch of chamomile




To Prevent Nightmares:

Wash an egg in cold water, and with a pencil,
Write the name of the

Person afflicted with bad dreams. Put the egg
In a dish, then place

It on a nightstand close to the sleeping
Place of the person. If the

Egg cracks or breaks, flush it down the
Toilet. Repeat the spell

Until the egg stays intact for several days.
Flush the remaining egg.

Citrine Nightmare Preventative:

Before going to sleep, hold a citrine tightly
In your dominant hand

And chant:

Stone of joyful yellow light

I give my dreams to you tonight.

Grab the bad ones, the rest leave free,

So that I may dream peacefully.

Place the stone
Under your pillow.


To End Nightmares

To eradicate nightmares, empower three
Mullein leaves with the

Following chant, them place them under your

Herb of mullein, now absorb

Unpleasant dreams before they form.

Bring to me a restful sleep.

As I will, so
Mote it be!

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