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Job Spells

Job spell

Any time you are going to apply for a job...or "submit" anything on paper that is job or "success" related, this spell will help make your desired outcome a reality.

What you'll need:

* 1 tsp ground cinnamon

* 1 tsp ground ginger

* 1 tsp ground lemon balm

* Few drops of bergamot oil

* Powdered chalk or talcum powder

* A Bowl

* Your application, cover letter, resume, book manuscript, etc... (As many of the papers as you can get...)

STEP 1: Prepare your altar as usual. Try to decorate with any colors/figures/ pictures that in some way represent your goal.

STEP 2: Mix all the ingredients together in the bowl.

STEP 3: Light the candles on your altar.

STEP 4: Before you begin writing or filling in your forms, sprinkle some of the powder onto all your papers.

STEP 5: As you sprinkle, ask for a blessing for the process you are about to start. State your ultimate desire/ outcome for this process.

STEP 6: If you can, place a crystal on your altar to help with your writing

STEP 7: Once you have completed the forms or the writing, turn each page over and sprinkle the powder on the back.

STEP 8: On each page, after you sprinkle, draw your four fingers through the powder in wavy lines from top to bottom so they leave very clear tracks.

STEP 9: Leave for a few moments, then shake off the powder, all the while visualizing the success that will soon follow.

STEP 10: Finally, leave the papers on your altar overnight, to be blessed by the Goddess.


A Spell for Employment
Holding the stone, imagine vividly the kind of job you want and the feelings
you will have working there. Do not imagine names, the appearance,
or other details which may limit your choices. Speak aloud the qualifications
you have for holding such a job, and ask aloud that you have it in a certain
amount of days. Raise power and charge the stone. The following day,
have the stone or magnet with you as you make six job contacts.
Make precisely six contacts a day until you have the job that you desire.


A Patchouli Spell to Find a Job
Find job advertisements that interest you, and for which you meet minimum qualifications. Take notes from them, then anoint the newspaper with patchouli oil. Place the paper in a heat-safe container and ignite it as you say, "By paper known, by fire relayed, power now waters the seeds I've laid. With this smoke my wishes rise. Show me where prosperity lies!" Keep the ashes as a charm or bury them with a blossoming plant so the energy grows.

Uses: Improving employment prospects, job performance, or promotional chances.

Timing: Spring and summer. Moon in Virgo. Before interviews or reviews for raises and promotions.


Job Spell #1

This is best begun on the night of the New Moon:
Use an astral candle for yourself - your color
A brown candle for the job itself.
A green candle for prosperity. Burn a prosperity incense and anoint
The candles with a prosperity oil - I would use cinnamon. Anoint from wick
To end. These candles should be in a safe place, they have to burn out entirely.
Place the brown candle in the center, the green on the right,
And the astral on the left.

Light the astral, state:

I ask for change,that is my right,
Open the way, clear my sight.

Light the green, state:

Good luck is mine and prosperity, help me Great Ones, come to me.

Light the brown, state:

Opportunity, work, rewards I see, And as I will So Mote it Be.

Say the above as you light the candles. Leave these to burn out completely
And dispose of the wax afterwards. Each night, for a week, or until the candle
Is used up, light a second brown candle for 9 minutes while meditating and
Gaining balance in preparation for the job and the good to come. During this
Time period, Actively seek a job. Listen to your intuition and follow up on all leads.


Spell to do well on a job interview

First visualize yourself shaking hands with your future boss. Light a green candle and chant the following:

"Success will come unto me.
Success will come so mote it be!

Blow out the candle and visualize its energy leaving in search of new opportunities for you. On the day of your interview, visualize a purple light glowing from you that allows for all that come into contact with you to find you charming, witty, and talented.


Spell to find a job

Items : 1 green candle - 1 black candle - Small jar - Nutmeg - Good luck oil - Banishing oil - Rune for good fortune - Stone - A piece of paper with your perfect job described on it.
Time : Waxing Moon
Ritual : Cast the Circle, Invoke the Gods, and anoint the black candle with banishing oil and light it while you visualize all your obstacles falling away, and say:

"Bad luck flees, obstacles fall,
My path is clear, Heed my call"

Anoint the green candle with lucky oil and say :

"Good luck is mine and prosperity
Help me Great Ones, come to me
Opportunity and rewards I see
As I will, So mote it be"

Meditate on the job you want as you gaze into the candle's flame. Still in the circle, fill your good luck jar with the herbs, stone, note and rune figure. Seal the jar with this words :

"Earth-born stone of brilliant hue
Hearken to my deep desire
Amidst the candle's radiant fire
Herbs of luck, prosperity
Heed my call and bring to me
A better job, new opportunity
As I will, so mote it be !"

Shake the jar, seal it with a kiss and place it back on the Altar. Ground and center, thank the God and Goddess and close the Circle. Each morning after, hold the jar while saying :

"God and Goddess
Hear as I pray
Let good fortune come my way
Send me luck, prosperity
In my job search,
So mote it be !"

Shake the jar a few times, seal it with a kiss and replace it on the Altar.


To Secure a Job Spell

*Brown candle (stability)
*Medium-sized rock
*Black yarn or cord
*Business card (see below)

On the first night of the Waxing Moon, collect the above ingredients and
go to a place where you can be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.

Light the brown candle and place the rock in front of you. Next, get a
business card that includes the name of the business. If you cannot obtain a
business card, simply write the full name of the business on a small piece of
paper. Write your full name on the back of the card or paper. Set the card on
top of the rock and, with the yarn or cord, wrap the rock; making sure the
business card is secure. Hold the rock within your hands and say this charm:

As the Moon increases, So too will my job be secure.

With this, the spell is done. Allow the candles to burn themselves out.

The rock may either be placed with your magickal supplies or actually taken
to work and hid in your desk or another safe place. Work as best and as hard
as you can at your new job. By the Full Moon, the job will be secured.


Job Spell  Devotion

Casting the circle.

On this night and in this hour a call upon the ancient powers, with perfect
love and perfect trust casting now and cast I must.
As above and so below I make this magick circle grow. I ask for the power
from the divine add the worlds great power to mine.
This circle is cast to create a place between worlds a place where mortal
men and the mighty spirit may meet.
I cast this circle with a ring of three, let universal power flow through
I cast ye, I cast ye, I cast ye.
This circle is sealed!

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the East I ask thee to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of air - bring
your winds of change to this circle here tonight.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the South I ask thee to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of Fire - burn
away my regrets and shine your gentle rays upon me for growth.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the West - I hail to Sekhmet,
goddess of war I ask thee to guard my circle here tonight. I summon the
forces of water to wash over me and cleanse me of all negativity and purify
my thoughts.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the North I ask thee to keep a
gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of earth. Let
your renewing strength open new paths before me.

I ask that the planets be on my side in my work tonight

I am here this night to ask for my tools to be filled with Divine power and
for the Goddess's help with my Career path for
The future. May I not lose my present job till another is secure. May this
spell harm none.

I call to Isis, Queen of the South, Queen of the Gods, I invite you here
tonight and ask for your help in my endeavors in this circle here this night

I align myself with Isis. I align myself with Isis. I align myself with Isis

Place finger in the salt and water.

I consecrate thee as a tool of magick. Blessed be!

I charge thee with power in the name of the Goddess.
So mote it be!

Repeat for the candle

I light this candle in the name of Isis. Let her great power fill this
circle. This is her color and the color of my of my spell. Blessed be!

Taking up the item that you wish to consecrate, hold it high in salute and

God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of All life. Here do I
present my personal tool(s) for your approval. As it serves me so shall it
serve you.

Place the tool on the altar and think back to what you did to personalize it
Dip your fingers in the salted water and sprinkle both sides of the object.
Now, pick it up and hold it in the smoke of the incense, turning it, Say:

May the Sacred Water and the smoke of this Holy flame drive out any
impurities in this (name of object) that it be pure and cleansed, ready to
serve me and the Gods in any way I desire. So mote it be.

Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all of your energies
(your power) into it. Then, say:

I charge this (name of object) through me, with the wisdom and might of the
God and Goddess. May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in
their service, in all things. So mote it be.


I write in a language of old so the divine may hear me. I write of the
Career I wish to be fetched for me. Show it to me - bring it to me!

I burn this paper and the words upon it so that my request will become a

I light this paper with the flame of the Goddess.

As the paper burns and the ashes appear, bring to me my future career!

Repeat till the paper is burnt.

As these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take form - as these
ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take shape - as these ashes are
sent into the wind let my spell be reality!
So mote it be!

Thank all - Isis, elements, North, East, South, West, Sekhmet, west.

This circle is open but not broken - let the power of the Goddess fill me,
be part of me, give me strength and wisdom so I may fulfill all that is
needed of me. With perfect love and perfect trust, I set this circle free.
Release the power within and let all that I have asked for Be!

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