Thursday, October 25, 2012

Divination Oil

Wear when you divine the future

2 dram (10 ml) clean amber or cobalt vial
sweet almond oil (has vitamin E for preservation)
4 drops orange e.o.
1 drop clove e.o.
4 drops rose otto e.o.

***WARNING: Clove can cause skin irritation.
Test before using or use only in an aromatherapy pendant.***

Add the essential oils to the bottle and swirl them gently in order to get
them blended. Add any crystals (make sure they are clean too) and then add
your base oil to top the bottle off. I don't use crystals in all my blends
but some people add crystals to their magical blends to keep them charged
with a specific intention. Make sure to keep the oils stored away from
light and write on a sticker or piece of paper to be taped on the name of
the blend, time, date, moon phase, planetary hour and any other info you
wish so that you know what you made and when for use later.
As well, be careful as these blends will eventually go off so use your
sniffer and be aware of what the blend should smell like. Once it seems
off, you can discard it, clean the bottle and start a fresh! Make sure it
is completely clean and if it cannot be completely cleaned, discard and use
a fresh one.

Remember - essential oils can cause reactions and oils like citrus can
cause photosensitivity. While legal issues forbid me from saying anything
that could be construed in any warped light as medical advice, I do need to
say that essential oils and herbs are not safe just because they are
natural. 1/16th of a leaf of monkshood can kill a child so please - be
careful ~ Herbs can be dangerous.

Essential oils are volatile so bottles left with tops off will soon lose
their potency. Ensure that oils don't get too hot and, in the case of oils
like citrus-based oils, not too cold. To test your essential oils to see
if they are pure, put a drop or two on blotter paper. Genuine essential
oils will evaporate completely.

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