Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dream work Incense and oils

Cherokee Dream Pillow

It is said to bring good and prophetic dreams. Unless otherwise stated, all flowers are dried.

2 oz. lavender flowers
2 oz. sage
1 oz. ground orris root
2 oz. deer's tongue herb
1 oz. cedar shavings
2 oz. coltsfoot herb
2 oz.sweet fern
1 oz. violets

The  mixture is stuffed intor a small pillow that is placed under your regular pillow or next to your head while you sleep.


Prophetic Dream Incense

Give this incense a try and allow yourself to receive prophetic messages in your dreams!
The Best Time Create this incense when the moon is new, waxing or full.

2 tsp. Frankincense
2 tsp. Mugwort
1 tsp. Jasmine

Burn on a lit charcoal block, in a non-metal, fireproof container before going to bed.


Dream Lover Oil

Bergamot 4 drops
Clary Sage 2 drops
Rose 2 drops

Diffuse in Aromatherapy Lamp To release fantasies and daydreams of great delight, awaken desire and passion.

From The Fragrant Veil by Elizabeth Millar

Dream Chaser Oil

 This oil is conducive to work donw between realms-trance work, dream work, journey work, shape-shifting and totem animal work. It is also good to use before you go to sleep.

1/4ounce olive oil,
7 drops lemon oil,
13 drops of violet oil,
13 drops lavender or lilac oil,
7 drops lemongrass oil,
10 drops sandalwood or rosewood oil

blend and use

Insomnia Oil

Need some help falling asleep? Don't rely on pills, instead give this incense a shot!

Mix together equal amounts of: Henna, Sandalwood and Vetiver or Myrrh

Sprinkle some onto a lit spell charcoal and let your bedroom fill up with the scent. Make sure the incense is out and enjoy some much needed rest.

Oil For Dreaming True

Combine olive oil, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg oils. 

Heat till warm and apply to the forehead and temples.


Vision Incense

If your in need of a vision try this incense to help you on your Quest.

½ part bay leaves
1 part damiana
3 parts frankincense

Mix together and burn on charcoal.



Combining this recipe with soul mate dreams incense is sure to intise intense dreams that should bring your soul-mate running to your door.

For a night to remember use both the two recipes

Create this oil when the moon is new, waxing or full.

1/8 cup Base Oil(Almond, Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel, Coconut, Grapeseed, Hazelnut, jojoba,Olive, Palm, Rosehip Seed, Safflower, Sunflower)
6 drops Patchouly
3 drops Sandalwood
3 drops Cardamom
1/8 tsp. Sage, powdered or 2 drops Clary Sage
1 Amethyst or Clear Quartz Crystal
1 Sterilized Glass Bottle with Lid

• Anoint yourself with a few drops on the the temples, third-eye (in the center of your forehead) neck, wrists and ankles, especially
prior to going to sleep.
• Anoint candles and burn prior to sleep.
• Anoint stones/crystals.
• Anoint your pillow.
• Place a few drops on a cotton ball or handkerchief and inhale when needed.
• Add six to ten drops in your bathwater.
• Place a couple of drops in a diffuser.
• Add a few drops to a spray bottle full of spring water and spritz your bedsheets.

Making The Oils:

1. Place your base oil and essentials oils within reach.
2. Begin by visualizing your need or goal.
3. Once it is clearly formed in your mind, add the base oil to the jar.
4. Add the ingredients in one by one, swirling the jar clockwise to mix.Note how each ingredient affects the aroma of the oil.
5. Take your stone/crystal and place it in your projective hand.
6. Visualize your need or goal.
7. Once it has been clearly formed in your mind, pour your need into the stone/crystal.
8. Add the stone/crystal to the oils.
9. Seal the jar.
10. Store for three days before your first use.


Soul Mate Dream Incense

Burn this before you fall asleep (make sure it's out before you actually fall asleep) to dream about your soul mate.

Create this incense when the moon is waxing or full.

2 tsp. Sandalwood
1 tsp. Cinquefoil
1 tsp. Lavender
1/2 tsp. Orris Root

Burn on a lit charcoal block, in a non-metal, fireproof container.

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