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There are two planets we "love with," astrologically speaking--the
Moon and Venus. Both are known as feminine energies, and so both are magnetic rather than pursuant--that is, we use them to draw who and what we love to
us, rather than dashing out to chase it down (a task better left to our
Sun and our Mars). Both the Moon and Venus, then, produce "bonds" of a
sort--emotional ties--but the motivation behind these bonds is very
different. Our Venus bonds are created with personal gratification
in mind. We attract who or what we do because it pleases us to have it or them around us--they make us feel good, and we derive satisfaction from them.
The bonds the Moon produces, however, are of an unconditional nature, based on
urges that are very pure. We love, nurture, and tend to the needs of the
other with our Moons simply because we care, without asking anything in
return for ourselves. We let down our guard and express our emotions for
another because we trust. We protect those we love with our Moons because we feel an innate responsibility for their well-being.


Now, the person we first shared this type of Moon-love with was Mom.
No bond we'll ever make throughout our lives will replace it--or even come
close. How could it? After all, this is the human whose body we actually
lived inside. That's quite a connection. It's natural, then, that we
learn all about love, trust, and protection from our mothers. We bond
similarly with our own children because they, too, came from our bodies, and with our other family members because they're blood--another way of saying the same thing. Outside of those ties, however, there's only one type of nurturing,
emotional bond most of us make throughout our lives that also reflects the
urges of our moons--to love, nurture, and protect--and that's the bond that we share with our pets.

The bond between humans and animals is legendary, as well it should
be. Our pets love us, and allow us to love them, with the unconditional Moon-
love of a family member. No matter what our mood--a great Moon word--they
love us, accept us, and offer us affection at the end of a long day.
Moreover, they allow us to use our Moons on them, to mother them by feeding and taking care of them--something childless folks would never have an opportunity to do, and parents of grown children often miss. In all, our pets provide us with the love and affection that make our Moons secure and happy.


All this said, it stands to reason that the types of pets we choose
have an awful lot to do with our Moons, both by sign and by house. Now, the
house where our Moon "lives" shows where or under what circumstances we'll
feel most comfortable expressing our urge to nurture and care for
another. The sign she "wears" describes specifically what we look for to pour our nurturing urges over. Let's talk about the Moon by house first,
specifically about the houses that pertain to our pets.

The Sixth House Moon

Traditionally, pets have always been assigned to the sixth house.
Small pets, that is--domestic pets that we tend to, that become part of our
daily sixth-house duties. The theory is that these beasts are in our lives
to serve, to kill the mice in the barn, keep the sheep in line, and
protect us from intruders. Rather like hired help, you might say--which also
relates back to the ancient concept of seeing the sixth house as the house of
slavery. Now, personally, I find this concept hysterical. Not the
idea of slavery and pets, you understand. That makes perfect sense--for a
number of reasons. First off, because they sure do have us trained well.
Whenever Benji or Fluffy get that look on their fuzzy little faces, we
immediately drop whatever we're doing and head for the door. Not to mention the fact that we certainly do not only go out and work our paws to the bone to
bring home the magic cans, but since we also (handily) have opposable
thumbs to open the above-mentioned cans, we also open them on a regular basis. Now, all of these qualities are, I'm sure, among the reasons they keep
us. So, again, although I can definitely see the connection between slavery
and pets, it's not because they're the slaves--at least not around here.

At any rate, if you have the Moon in the sixth house, you probably
do "tend" to critters on a daily basis. You may just have a pack of resident
critters, or you may actually work with animals--since the sixth house also
relates to what we do for work on a daily basis. You may find yourself involved
in veterinary care, then, if the Moon is here. You may also work at a
kennel, shelter, or groomers--but on some level, you'll find yourself serving
the residents of the animal kingdom.

The Fifth House Moon
Now, some folks also put pets in the fifth house, since this is the
house where we deal with the issue of lovers, playmates, and children.
This makes sense, too--we kiss, cuddle, spoil, and pamper our pets as if they
were our lovers. They even sleep with us. We also treat them, at times, like
children, promising them a cheeseburger after a trip to the doctor,
explaining things to them as if they really understand our words--and
I'm of the belief that they just might--and worrying about their feelings.
They're definitely our playmates--who else would tirelessly chase down a
Frisbee, just to keep us amused? If your Moon is in the fifth house, then,
you probably have this type of loving relationship with your pets.


Of course, the sign the Moon wears is like a costume that tells us
how she'll go about the business of nurturing. It's also an indication of the
types of people and things we'll love. Let's look at the Moon through the
signs, and talk about which type of pet will appeal to you.


Well, it's no secret that the Moon in this sign isn't shy. She's one
of the most brazen ladies out there, matter of fact, so you won't ever have
to wonder what she's feeling. She'll stomp her feet and holler when
she's angry, and purr like a kitten when she's pleased. She likes people
and things that are tough--ram-tough, you might say--and so, failing a
ram, this Moon-sign will feel most secure and comfy in the company of tough
critters: dogs that are known as fighters, for example like pitbulls and
dobermans. Since she also learned early on to raise herself, this Moon sign will
also have a special place in her heart for animals that are largely
self-sufficient, and animals that, while they may love their owner,
don't need them as much as others--like some cats, for example.


Here's the Moon in her earthy best, fully appreciating the wonders of
the physical world. This Moon sign will appreciate creatures that
reflect her sturdy, rugged nature, so she'll be drawn to sturdy beasts, those
that are literally worth their weight. In the dog department, any huge,
rugged beast will do--although bulldogs and bull mastiffs do come to mind for
obvious reasons. Taurus Moons may also be drawn to farm animals, like bulls
or cows, or to other animals that are hard workers.


Gemini's love of variety knows no bounds--so if your Moon is here,
she's built for mental stimulation, light examinations of everything, and
at least two of whatever she loves. This is an air sign, remember, and the
air signs are intellectual creatures. The Moon in this sign, then, will be
drawn to birds, most likely, and to birds that talk, especially--
like magpies,
parrots, and cockatiels. Since this sign also rules the neighborhood, and
the smaller world, she'll also enjoy miniature pets, like miniature
horses, dogs, etc., and those that have the incredible lightness of being
that Gemini is famous for. Other Gemini Moon pets might include mice, gerbils,
or hamsters. Ferrets are among the creatures that Gemini Moons might
like, since their characteristics read like a string of Gemini keywords:
quick, lively, fun, playful, and in constant motion.


Your Cancer Moon wants to nurture what she loves as if it were her
child, so when it comes to choosing a pet, she'll always prefer to take home a
baby, rather than a full-grown animal. Smaller critters she can coddle
happily on her lap--like tiny dogs, as per Gemini Moon will also appeal to her,
and she'll always love to be around litters of animals--because babies
and Moms always were her specialty. In general, however, a Cancer Moon will
love and care for any living creature, so any pet will adapt to her style, and
she to theirs.


Leo Moons belong to folks who have the hearts and souls of
performers. Needless to say, then, their pets necessarily ought to be eyecatchers-
-with striking, dramatic characteristics. Now, a lion, of course, would make an ideal companion for a Leo Moon, but since that's out of the question, cats--the closest living relative--will do, and the more lion-like
the cat, the better. Dogs make great pets for Leo Moons, too, because of the emotion they lavish on us. Leo Moons like that, you know.


Okay, everyone knows that Virgo has a long-term association with the
plant kingdom, but plants aren't pets--are they? Well, sure they are--ask
any Virgo Moon, as they buzz happily about their apartment, watering
their plants. Now, with Virgo's well-known fondness for neatness, cats are
also good pets for this Moon sign. Siamese, of course, are the best--they
don't shed at all, and they're as particular about their owners as Virgo
Moons are about their pets.


Libra Moons love balanced situations, and they love to be with an
other--so animals that pair up are their absolute favorites, like love birds
for example, and other beasts that mate for life. Since Libra is a Venus-
ruled sign that's known for its love of beauty--in all forms--your Libra
Moon will also be attracted to strikingly beautiful animals: pedigrees,
purebreds, and so forth. Libra also loves color, and pastels in particular, so
she'll be fond of birds of multiple colors, especially those with soft-hued
feathers, like exotic or tropical birds.


Scorpio Moons just love to be scared--it's how they know that they're
alive. In fact, if it's an animal that frightens others, a Scorpio Moon will
just love it. This Moon sign, then, is the one that will be drawn to
strange pets, to scary pets--like snakes, tarantulas, and black cats--and
this is also the Moon sign that may enjoy keeping a bat-house out in the
yard. Of course, Scorpio likes anything that's black--so no matter what type
of pet they choose, they'll want it to have a shiny blue-black coat.


As outdoorsy as Sag Moons tend to be, they have a natural affinity
with horses and dogs--of any kind. (Dogs, in fact, are ruled by
. Big ol' dawgs will always be a Sag Moon's favorite kind of canine, a critter big enough to wrap your arms around and hug. Mutts, too, are among Sag's choice of beast, since they're mixtures of nationalities--and Sag always was fond of foreigners.


Well, Capricorn is the sign of the goat, so it won't be a surprise to
find this Moon sign as the proud owner of a goat of their very own. This
Moon sign also has a fondness for functional beasts, however -- for those that
serve a purpose or have a job to do: protective creatures like German
shepherds, for example, or other animals that are specially trained to sniff out
drugs and explosives, track down missing persons, and stand guard over their
owners or their owner's business.


Aquarian Moons are here to break tradition, to prove to all of us--
especially to their families--that they're completely different from we are.
This Moon sign, then, will tend toward strange, unusual, or unique beasts--dogs
with three legs or one eye, for example, and others that are totally
unlike any pet anyone else has. Because, like Pisces, Aquarius also has a
fondness for the underdog. Aquarian Moons will also be quite fond of animals from the pound, and those who didn't have long to live whose causes they took


Well, you can hardly mention Pisces without mentioning fish, so, of
course, the ideal pet for Pisces Moons would have to be fish--if for o other
reason than that they provide the ideal reason for Pisces Moons to have
running water around--their favorite sound. Now, Pisces Moons also have an
innate affinity with strays of any kind, so any homeless animal--especially
one that shows up looking like it's lost, hungry, or frightened--
will find its
way into the soft heart of a Pisces Moon.
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
copyright 1998

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