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Samhain spells

Samhain Leaf Spell

Samhain, is a time for balancing all things, finding balance between light and dark, male and female, and other things in your life. It's a wonderful time to begin to adjust your energy levels with that of the mother earth, we are coming into a time of rest, and change is among us. That can take some adjusting of your personal energy level, during the summer months we find ourselves full of outside energy, spending much time walking the woods, gardening, and doing fun summer activities, we now need to focus on a more inner approach. It's also a wonderful time for a little wish magick; a simple little spell we like to do is; On the day of Samhain

Items needed;

A windy autumn day,

A wish for self or others

A marker or quill pen and ink

And a brightly colored fall leaf.

Find a colored leaf that matches your wish, for example; deep shades of red can be used for love magick, or sending love to someone far away, if your wish is for prosperity choose a golden color, to become more grounded and centered choose a brown shade.

Use your imagination and see what the colors of leaves you find remind you of. When you have selected your leaf, take a quill pen and ink or an everyday marker, and write a simple wish on the leaf, or the person to which you wish to send love.

Choose from the sample sayings or write your own, take your wish leaf outside, and check the wind direction you will want to stand where the leaf will be carried away from your home.

Repeat the chant and release the leaf high into the wind, don't worry if the leaf only travels a short distance, the winds will pick up and carry your wish along with time.

Leaves that fall onto the ground,

Bring thy blessing to abound.

Dreams and wishes I do send,

In this magick upon the wind.

Red Leaf - Love

Gold - Prosperity

Brown - Grounding

Yellow - Peace

Pink - Passion

Purple - Power

Green - Health and Healing

By; Lady Abigail


Eve Of Samhain Spell To Connect With The Spirit World
By Susan Sheppard

Get a white candle, matches and mirror for this spell. At dusk, go to a
haunted area or a place you feel the spirits are especially powerful. Make
contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam. Light your white
candle and star into it saying:

Clear as midnight,
The spirits are bright.
Ghostly curiosity
Brings you to me.

As a form takes shape,
I am not asleep.
Spirit awake,
Take your shape.

Let the candle flicker. Glance into the mirror and look past your shoulder.
Do you see mists or lighted balls in the reflection? This is how ghosts
typically appear. Return to the area on the next three nights. Take some
pictures. At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors trap spirits. Some
spirits will track you as you search for their reflections. If you want your
ghost to leave, just say so. Follow this up by putting a broom over your
transom and burning sage.


Samhain crystal spell

You will need:
Turquoise Tumble stone
3 x Sodalite Tumble stones
Citrine Tumble stone
Moonstone Tumble stone
Cakes and Wine (Or non-alcoholic substitute)
Black candle

Cleanse the stones of unwanted energy, arrange the stones in a circle
around the candle.

"Lift shadows dark; remove the veil
that distance separates no more
and loved ones hear our whispered hail
beyond the daylight's opened door"

Pick up each crystal in turn and pass it over the flame whilst saying:

"Reveal the mystery; sight un-blind
what once was lost we now shall find
in purity of heart we ask
for meeting in our joyous task

The daylight's heaven domed azure
brings comfort warmth and solace sure
but in its raiment blue we see
the measure of infinity.

What once upon the seas was cast
submerges to the shadowed past
but drinking from the cup explains
that all that was, now still remains!

In life is change and spirits grow
what once was sown now learns to sow
our eyes shall wonder; voices cherish
hands may build what cannot perish!

What's been before remains unbending
while life unfurling toils unending
perfection is a song unsung
the hope remains what's yet to come!

In golden warmth we touch the sun
a wealth unearthly makes us one
let earth and fire join our flow
united now within the glow!

Our sister moon presents reflection,
on mysteries hidden to inspection
A vantage to the world unseen
Her gift a mirror in between!"

Eat the food and take some drink, bury any leftovers in the ground.
As you snuff out the candle say:

"I make this offering
For blessings, guidance and protection
now and forevermore. "

original author unknown


A Samhain Spell To Let Go

October is a good time to tidy up the soul. First, make a list/petition of
things that have got to go, such as resentment of friends or enemies, anger
at yourself (potent and common garbage). Just think through your life to see
what you no longer need. Go through your soul as if it were a long forgotten
attic and see where cleaning up is way overdue, then write down what you
find. I am not talking about resentments like those you feel if you're just
divorced; if you got ripped off, if you had to leave a job due to harassment
These oppressions are not your own doing, so please don't blame yourself
for them. Find groups with which to work them through and channel your anger
into your Craft or the earth, which can give your life more meaning.

Create an altar with black cloth, the color of the universe, the color of
chaos, where everything comes from and to which everything must return.
Place on the cloth some fallen leaves, representing the natural order of the
seasons and the discarded past. The fallen leaves are beautiful, but they
are meant to become compost. Place your list of psychic garbage on the table
light two black candles, one on either side, and some dispelling incense.
If you can't find incense specifically made for this purpose, use sandalwood
frankincense, myrrh, or cedar.

When you pray to the Goddess, always talk normally and say:

"Dearest Goddess, I have come a long way this year, carrying my burdens. I
would like to take them off my shoulders and give them back to you to
recycle, to bury, to compost. Here, I offer you my resentments against
friends, family, and [fill in your own needs here] and ask you to absorb
them into your black universe. Relieve me of them and allow me to walk more

Burn your list in the flame of your candles. Now imagine all these feelings
evaporating into smoke, and say something like:

"I feel all light, happy and cleansed now. Dearest Goddess, you are my true
strength and guide. I thank you for being accessible and answering your
children's call. I honor you and thank you."

Gather all the things that were part of your meditation and cast them into a living body of water. When you cast them off, don't look back. Even let go your thoughts about the ritual.


Pumpkin Prosperity Spell

If you need to harvest a little money during the Samhain season, try this
spell. From Halloween, Spells, Customs and Recipes by Silver RavenWolf

You will need:
1 small (not miniature)-sized pumpkin
The amount of money y ou need, written on a piece of plain white paper in
green ink (if you don't know how much you need, give a rough figure, but
don't make the request outrageous - the universe works to our needs, not
necessarily on our wants)

1 bag fresh dirt
7 dimes
7 pumpkin seeds from this pumpkin
7 ounces of rain water or water from a stream (no tap or bottled water)
Lodestone, Optional

Cut the top off the pumpkin in a scallop design (to aid the flow of money
to you). Clean out the pumpkin. (Save the seed for other magical work.)

Remember to keep 7 seeds for this spell.

Place the pumpkin in the refrigerator until Halloween Eve. One-half hour
before Halloween Eve (not after), bring out the pumpkin, the piece of
paper with the dollar amount you need written on it, the dirt, dimes, seed, and
the water. Place the paper in the bottom of the pumpkin. Pour in the dirt.
With the end of the pencil, make seven holes in the dirt in a circular
pattern (keep the holes at least one inch apart). Hold the first dime in
your hand and think about the amount of money you need. (Important, do not
think negative thoughts about the money you need, no matter how desperate
you are.) Keep the dime in your hand until it grows warm and you feel good
inside. With the pencil, push the first dime in the hole that coincides
with 12 o'clock. Follow the same procedure going clockwise, with the other six
dimes. (if you happen to have a lodestone hanging around, bury it in the
middle of the dirt.) Now, starting at the 12 o'clock and going clockwise,
pour 1 ounce of water into each hole. When you are finished, hold your
hands over the pumpkin and say:

One dime for beginnings
One dime for drawing
One dime for growth
One dime for stability
One dime for banishing negativity
One dime for luck
One dime to seal the spell.
So mote it be!"

Bury the pumpkin on your property the following night one half hour before midnight (no later).


Spell to honor deceased love ones

by Sherry Gilles
October 24, 2000

I use a lovely silver bowl shaped like a shell with wells for three
candles built into it. You can use whatever vessels for candles you
might have. I put small items in the bowl that remind me of or are
from family members that have died.

You need apple or apple blossom incense since this is associated
with not only Love, but with Samhain in particular.

You will need a pink candle signifying affection, a yellow candle
signifying memories and a white candle, signifying peace.

Place pictures of your family or friends who you want to honor or
speak to spiritually on your altar. Purify your candles, releasing
any negativity. You can annoint your candles with rose oil signifying
love and peace if you choose. You might also choose to carve the
symbol of a rune such as Uruz (strength) on them.

Light the candles and say:

My love for you lives on inside
Your love serves as my spirit's guide
I draw your memories close to me
And remember you most lovingly

Sometimes I talk to you and find
You did not leave me far behind
My friend, my love, my heart, my soul
I bring you close and make us whole

Look closely at the pictures you have assembled. Close your eyes
and picture the faces of your loved ones, saying aloud, or thinking
inside about what is on your mind, what you want to share.


Rose's "Ghost Guide" Attraction Spell

Peform this spell any night before
Samhain to attract your Ghost Guide.

STEP 1: Set up a basic altar, and
include a picture of someone you
love that you've lost (if you have
someone specific in mind... if not
do not include a picture.)

STEP 2: Select something that has
a fragrance you love... or a fragrance
that reminds you of the person
you've lost. (This could be anything:
a perfume, cologne, leaves from a
certain type of tree, a special
type of flower, etc...)

If you're having problems picking
something, sit quietly, close your
eyes and allow your mind to wander
about "fragrances and smells"...
and you'll soon pick the perfect

STEP 3: Make sure the candles on
your basic altar setup are lit,
and sit with your eyes closed and
your hands flat on your altar table.

Say out loud:

"Spirit Ghost you know who you are,
and you know I need you now.

I will help you, and you'll help

On this life long journey,
together we'll be."

STEP 4: Now, present your chosen
fragrance on top of your altar
table. Say:

"This special fragrance is my
gift to you.

May it draw you close and true."

STEP 5: Close your eyes and think
about the deepst love you've ever
felt... it's important to feel
strong emotions here - either
for the Ghost you're calling on,
or for someone else in your past
(or present).

It's important to emit vibrations
of pure and total love... however
you need to do it.

Take 5 minutes to do this.

STEP 6: Next say...

"Ghost Guide, my special friend...

Send me a sign that you've heard
me and then...

We'll be together, joined at the

Partners forever, in your world
and mine."

STEP 7: For the next few days
try to be as "aware" as you
can be about the surrounding around
your home. You'll see a sign
of love and compliance from your
Ghost Guide...

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