Monday, October 29, 2012

Menopause Herbal

Alfalfa-reduces osteoporosis, gentle hormonal effects

Barberry- Cardiac alternative

Bee Pollen- Energy Enhancer

Black Cohosh- Contains estrogen, also helps with cramping

Black Haw Root- Relaxes ovarian and uterine spasms

Bladderwrack- reduces food cravings by reducing appetite

Blessed Thistle-for hormone imbalance

Blue Cohosh-Regulates periods

Burdock root- Contains estrogen precursors, reduces sugar cravings

Calms-Relaxes, calms, helps with sleep

Catnip-reduces headaches, calms you down.

Cayenne-produces energy, reduces spasms, reduces cramping, reduces bleeding

Chamomile- Relaxes and calms. Good for minor cramping, reduces bloating,
soothes upset stomach.

Chasteberry- Effective for endometriosis. Also helps balance hormone
progesterone' s

Damiana-Helps stabilize hormones, also good for nerves.

Dong Quai-Has estrogen like effects and increases low estrogen, improves
circulation, builds blood, reduces cramps.

Echinacea- Fights microorganisms, increases natural resistance.

Evening Prim Rose-helps reduce hot flashes, prevents endometriosis, reduces

False Unicorn- Reduces cramping

Feverfew-Gradually strengthens blood vessels in the head reducing headaches.
Used often to reduce migraines.

Garlic-Natural antibiotic with helping vaginal infections. Used to fight
infections due to common illness as well.

Ginseng- Hormone balancer. Contains progesterone precursors, increases
energy, helps blood flow. Helps reduce stress.

Ginkgo- memory Enhancer, promotes circulation to the brain.

Gotu Kola-energy Enhancer

Hibiscus- Reducing inflammation, fever and sweats

Horsetail-Helps strengthen hair, tones skin, tones kidneys

Kelp- Helps reduce many menopausal symptoms, reduces stress and mood swings,
also aids in hair thinning or loss.

Lavender Flower-lifts spirits, cleansing and soothing. Antidepressant

Licorice Root- Contains estrogen precursors, helps moisten vaginal area,
reduces inflammation.

Linden (lime blossom)- Used for nervous tension, reduces hardening of the

Motherwort- Helps with menopausal heart palpitations, also helps reduce hot
flashes, lowers blood pressure.

Nettle-used for rebuilding blood in anemic people

Partridge Berry- used for excessive bleeding, also relieves cramping

Passion Flower- Pain relieving, emotionally calming

Papaya Tabs-reduces ingestion

PennyRoyal- Helps cramp

Peppermint- Reduces bloating and gas.

Raspberry Leaf- Hormone substance

Red Root- anti-spasmodic, helps reduce sever cramps, also helps with
nervousness. Has a mild estrogen

Sage Leaf- Supports hormone balance, improves digestion.

Sarsaparilla- Supports hormone balance improves lymphatic flow.

Shepard's Purse- reduces heavy menstrual bleeding. Also reduces fibroids

Skull Cap-Reduces headaches, anxiety, and tension. Very good for PMS as well

St. John's Wort-Antidepressant

Suma- contains estrogen precursors, helps oxygen flow as well

Valerian Root- soothing, and calms nerves, helps with irritability.

Wild Oats-good for nervous exhaustion, balances hormones

Wild Yam-Lessens inflammation, balances hormones.

Yarrow Flower- Reduces bleeding, helps diarrhea

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