Monday, November 5, 2012

A gift from your childhood

Homemade Faery Bubbles!

4 Tablespoons of unscented dish soap
16 oz. Water
1 teaspoon of Faerie (fairy) dust
(important to use...remember this is faerie bubbles)
1 Tablespoons of Glycerin (very inexpensive at the drug store)

Stir everything gently...very slow and very gentle. (hehehe) Try to make this mixture the day before you are going to use them, for whatever reason, the bubbles seem to work better. Keep in a jar with a tight fitting lid.

Faery Bubble Wands!

Take some floral wire 18 gage (you can get it at Walmarts for .68 cents pack),
Bend and shape the wire into any shape that you want. If one piece is not enough,
twist two or three pieces together, you need to work with at least 12 inches of wire.
A wire coat hanger will work also, it is just a little harder to bend and twist. The floral wire can be bent very easily, twist it with some wire pilers to reenforce the shape.

Make sure that you leave enough room at the end where you twist it so you are
able to wrap it around a stick from your yard or a thin dow (which can also be
purchased very cheaply). Lets say you are making a heart shape faerie wand.
Bend and shape it, twist it at the end, then twist the end of the heart around the
stick. Just to make sure that it stays in place; use a little duck tape to secure it to
the stick. Next wrap all different colors of ribbon around the area where you put the
ducktape. Make the ribbons pretty long; so they flow with the breeze as your child
(or you) runs around with it.

Use a pie pan and pour some of your bubble mixture in it. Dip the wand into the
pie pan and you are set....... Oh, beautiful bubbles, oh, how lovely the colors are
and once the bubble are air borne, chase them around! Most imporant.... have

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