Sunday, November 4, 2012

Button Divinations

Button-holing The Future -
The first person you meet on Halloween/Samhain
can give you a glimpse of the year to come. Just count the number of buttons
they are wearing.

1 button means Luck
2 buttons mean Happiness
3 buttons mean A new vehicle
4 buttons mean Another form of transportation
5 buttons mean New clothes
6 buttons mean Accessories
7 buttons mean A new dog
8 buttons mean A new cat
9 buttons mean An unexpected pleasure
10 buttons mean Pleasure
11 buttons mean Extreme joy
12 buttons mean A treasure soon to be discovered


Button divination for yea and no answers

Not having any tarot cards, cowrie shells, or other divination tools handy, I noticed a simple wooden button I had sitting on my desk. It had an obvious front and back to it, so I decided to give it a try. I explained to the button that I was needing assistance with a spiritual matter and asked for it’s help. I then asked it to give me a yes answer… When it landed on the desk, it was rounded side up. I asked for a no answer, and it came down in the opposite position. I asked it a third question as to whether it would help me in divining the needs of my friend to which it answered yes…
Ask a series of questions and tossing the button to the desktop, each time receiving a simple answer of yes or no. I obtained background information that was verified as correct from the person I was working with, and then proceeded to work towards the problem at hand along with possible solutions. After the reading was complete, she went away with new hope and plans to proceed with. I have spoken to her more recently, and some of the issues have already found resolution, while others are still ongoing. This is makes since considering it was only a few days back that we had our session, and the main issues are a type that will be ongoing.

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