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crystal divination


1. Crystal gazing divination
Crystal-gazing is the practice of looking into a ball of crystal, glass, or anything that is similar to a ball of crystal and trying to see within it meaningful pictures or symbols which can help in some way to solve a problem or answer some question.
Crystal-Gazing is a very old divinatory art. The ancient Egyptians used it in their practices of divination, and, throughout history, we find traces of this magical art. In the middle-ages it was revived, especially by the learned Dr. John Dee, who was Astrologer Royal to Queen Elisabeth I of England. Dr. Dee had no occult faculties, so he had to employed a seer or "scryer" by the name of Edward Kelly to look into the crystal for him. Dr. Dee wrote a book on his researches with Edward Kelly, which work is now classical.
Crystal-Gazing is one of the simplest and at the same time one of the best ways to develop psychic ability. It is not necessary, to have a crystal or even a glass-ball. You can use a bowl of black ink, It does just as well.
How to begin
The first thing to do is to either fill a bowl with black ink, or get yourself a crystal, or glass ball of at least three inches in diameter, larger if you can get one, and mounted on a slender wooden stand. The stand and crystal should be placed against a background of matt black cloth. Also have matt black cloth on the table. Try and make sure that there is no light cast on the crystal, no sun light or anything (this goes as well if you're using ink). If the outlines of the ball look a little hazy owing to the semi-darkness, this will often assist matters.
Now sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes about a foot from the crystal, or ink bowl. Make sure your eyes are shaded from any light, and you are relaxed in body and quiet in mind.
Now gaze steadily at the crystal, or ink bowl for a few minutes; do not focus the eyes on any particular part. Just let your eyes see all of the object you are gazing at. Try not blink the eyes more than you can help, but also do not strain them by trying to keep them open for any length of time without blinking. Do not let your eyes wander from the object you are gazing at. Try not let your eyes stare vacantly, but look with intent at the ball, or ink without unnecessary strain. Do not think of anything in particular during the course of this gazing. make the mind quite blank, at the same time do not allow yourself to become drowsy or the mind to become totally blank to the outside world.
At first it is best not do more than five minutes because if you do more you'll find that your eyes will become strained. If this is the case you can be sure that you have been gazing for too long. It is best to sit at the same time every day, while developing and for the same amount of time each day this will then programme your subconscious mind to associate the sitting with developing the ability to see imagines in the crystal.


2. crystal pendulum divination
A crystal pendulum is a crystal attached to either a chain or a cord and used for divination. The chain or cord is usually at least six inches in length, and a shoelace will work well if you don't have a chain or cord. Pendulums have been used for centuries, and I have a few pendulums that I use for different purposes, as each of them has a different vibration. They are also used for aura cleansing and during religious ceremonies.
You don't need a special pendulum or even a fancy one if you plan to use it for divination, anything that can be attached via a cord or chain will do.
Usually the crystal at the end of the pendulum is pointed, although I've made potent pendulums from all sorts of stones, including strawberry quartz and an apophylite pyramid. They will work no matter what stone you chose. Just allow yourself to be open to the vibration of the crystal, and you will find the right pendulum for you.
Many people feel that a pendulum is an extension of ourselves, the extra arm or spiritual part which connects to the divine. It is essentially an extension of our own being and of our spiritually.
Pendulums are also used as protection against evil spirits or unforeseen circumstances.
Pendulums are mostly used to answer questions regarding everyday life and they are very effective. They are very useful in this regard.
They are also used over the body, especially the chakra areas, in order to determine blockages or any kind of hindrance in the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical part of the system.
A Friends grandfather was a water witch, so his pendulum per se was an old willow branch. He divined for water on his farm in Kansas, as he needed a well for his farm and his family. The well he found was full of water for nearly eighty before it finally dried up two years ago.


3. Crystals and Tarot Cards Peggy Jentoft

Many people have personal associations between specific Tarot cards and crystals, and several books and tarot traditions also have lists of correspondences.

Some people use Crystals in a form of divination with or like Tarot cards.

They may substitute crystals for the Tarot cards or read the Tarot card for chosen crystals.

You can also use the crystals to enhance or carry the energy and intention of specific Tarot card in healing or other work.

Ursula Markam's "Fortune telling with Crystals & Semiprecious Gemstones" It is out of print and I have not seen copy yet. I cannot offer any particular guidance on using crystals as Tarot cards directly.

Though one way you can use this correspondence is to choose the crystal that most attracts you or another person and consider the qualities and information of the related Tarot card.

I had used a Tarot, crystal combo in healing work many years ago but my choices were intuitive.

Below are some suggestions from several different writers and other sources.

For healing work and enhancing affirmations, you can charge or infuse or harmonize a clear quartz crystal or an appropriate stone with a specific tarot card energy.

Usually this is done by holding the card and the crystal together, or putting the crystal on the cards and using focused attention intention to request and fix the energy to be carried by the crystal.

Fool - Herkimer Diamond, Lepidolite, Agate, Tourmaline, Turquoise.
Magician - Garnet, Quartz, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Fire Opal, Agate.
High Priestess - Kyanite, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Pearl, Emerald.
Empress - Rose Quartz, Emerald, Carnelian, Peridot, Olivine, Turquoise.
Emperor - Carnelian, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz.
Hierophant - Turquoise, Hematite, Topaz, Carnelian, Lapis.
Lovers - Blue Topaz, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, Alexandrite, Agate.
Chariot - Tiger eye, Leopard Skin Jasper, Amber, Chalcedony, Staurolite.
Strength - Citrine, Cat's Eye, Topaz, Chrysolite, Diamond, Herkimer, Garnet.
Hermit - Peridot, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline.
The Wheel - Jade, Lapis, Aventurine, Sapphire, Amethyst, Sardonyx, Black Opal.
Justice - Petrified wood, Bloodstone, Emerald, Coral, Jade, Carnelian.
Hanged Man - Iolite, Ametrine, Beryl, Aquamarine, Green Calcite.
Death - Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline, Snake stone, Bloodstone, Amber.
Temperance - Amethyst, Kunzite, Jacinth, Amethyst, Sardonyx.
Devil - Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Black Diamond, Obsidian, Square black stones, Jet, Hematite.
Tower - Obsidian, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Ruby, Lodestone, Volcanic rocks.
Star - Moldavite, Sugulite, Tektite, Turquoise, Rock crystal, Meteorite, Any star stones.
Moon - Moonstone, Labradorite, Pyrite, Milk Opal, Pearl.
Sun - Amber, Golden Tigers eye, Diamond, Heliotrope, Tiger's Eye, Sun stone.
Judgment - Malachite, Hawkseye, Fluorite, Fire Opal, Fossils.
World - Larimar, Unakite, Opal, Onyx, Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Black Pearl, Kunzite, Unakite.


4. Gemstone Divination

This type of divination is particularly associated with both
Witchcraft and Shamanism world-wide. In France the French word for
witch, "sorcier" is used for a male witch and "sociere" is used for a
female witch. The witch or sorcier/sorciere is one who practices
Sortilege, literally one who casts lots for the purpose of divination.

There are a number of different ways of doing this. I will give
details here of one that requires thirteen stones and gives good
results. The witch must collect these stones himself/herself, at an
appropriate time. Example: By using Astrology or the Moons phases,
(increase of the Moon) or by seeking it on the Great Sabbats.
Sometimes a stone will find you - you will be instantly attracted to
it and pick it up or buy it, or a stone may be given to you by some
one who cares for you. The best place to look for your stones is on
the beach, along river beds, during nature walks and picnic outings
and in your local gem shop. Look for stones that are curiously marked
or have appealing colors. All the stones must
be roughly the same size, the essential point is that all the stones
should appeal to you personally as being right for their purpose. If
you are using semi-precious gemstones from a gem shop, check your gem
charts for the correct attributes before you go shopping.

Thirteen stones are used:
One Stone for each of the seven Planets.
One Life stone.
One News stone.
One Luck stone.
One Love stone.
One Home stone.
One Magic stone.

Some examples are:
Moon: Moonstone, White Quartz, White pebble, stone with silvery

Sun: Sunstone, Citrine, Topaz, Amber, Tigers eye, any stone with
golden markings or flecks.

Mars: Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet, Flint or any red colored stone.

Mercury: Agate, Mica, Any variegated stone, streaked or spotted.

Jupiter: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Suglite.

Venus: Emerald, Jade, Peridot, Any green stone.

Saturn: Coal, Apache Tear, Jet, Any black stone.

Magic stone: Any unusual stone, Fossil stone or a stone marked with a

Luck Stone: Cross stone, Holey stone, Opal, or any stone that feels
lucky to you.

Life Stone: Petrified wood, Agate, Carnelian or any red or flesh
colored stone or a pebble with an ankh marked all round the stone or
on its various sides if it is square in shape.

Home Stone: Moss agates, Sapphire, or any stone that is square or
reminds one of home.

News Stone: Multi-colored stone or pebble, its streaks or spots of
colors are used to show if the news is good or bad.

Love Stone: Rose Quartz, Botswana Agate or any pink stone or a stone
that is roughly in a heart shape.

-A special bag is made for these stones with a draw string, (runes
and symbols can be used on it, but not on the cloth/leather used for
spread) soft leather is best.

-A black velvet cloth or a large piece of soft leather is used for
the divination spread and a cord to form a circle on the

The stones, cord, bag and cloth are cleansed ritually with the four
Elements during an Esbat rite. Place all beneath your pillow for one
full month, at the next Esbat rite take all outside and offer them up
to the Moon before using. Ask the Lord and Lady for wisdom, guidance
and then meditate on each stone (while holding it in your receiving
hand) on what it now will represent in your future divination

The divination is made from the way in which the stones relate to
each other as they fall. The diviner must be guided by intuition, as
well as by some knowledge of what the different Planets govern.

Here are a few generalized indications, it may be said that:

The SUN is a good influence bring light and cheerfulness into a

The MOON indicates journeys over water, also feminine matters and
motherhood together with psychic things.

MARS brings strife and struggle and the strength courage and energy
to meet them.

MERCURY governs communications, writing, travel and gaining of

VENUS is the Planet that governs love matters, beauty, and artistic

SATURN indicates restriction, change, time, slowness and sometimes

JUPITER brings good fortune, expansiveness and gain of wealth and


The stones are thrown within a circle made by the cord or witches'
garter, coiled around upon the cloth or skin which is laid out
smoothly upon the floor or table. The words of an Old Welsh Charm are
used when casting the stones: "ADA ADA IO ADA DIA." It is pronounced
like this:
"Ah-da, ah-da, ee-o ah-da dee-a".

Exactly what it means is now lost in the mist of time, but it is a
traditional divination rune or formula of words of power, probably
Celtic in origin.

Light a candle and stand it by your cord circle. The room should be
dimly lit, or darkened if it is daylight. Light some incense and
both flame and incense smoke. Bless both salt and water, then place a
pinch of salt in the water and stir with wand or finger deosil 3
times, now with your wet finger and mark your third Eye and eyelids.
Take time to relax and do some deep breathing, then think about your

Now take up your stone bag and hold it to your third Eye for a moment
and then return it to altar or floor. Take your athame and consecrate
the cord circle with it, circling 3 times round the cord circle while
saying these words:

"Witches' Garter, bind the spell.
13 Stones, the truth foretell.
Earth and Water, Wind and Flame,
Magic in the Old One's Name!"

Now lay your athame aside and take out your stones. Hold them in your
hands and warm them, shake them from hand to hand as your recite "Ada
Ada Io Ada Dia" 3 times. When you are ready, cast stones completely
at random into the cord circle, Then look carefully at the way they
lie and consider and interpret them. You may throw the stones three
times at a sitting, but no more. This will allow for a general
reading and two questions. (This stone divination may also be done
with Coven Esbat rites.)

To answer a question "YES" or "NO", a slightly different procedure is
followed. In this case, you use just three stones, one for
affirmation, one for negative and one for the indicator, laying the
rest aside. You use the MAGIC stone for the indicator.

If you are asking the question, "Shall I follow such and such a
course of action?", then you use the JUPITER stone for affirmative
and the SATURN stone for the negative. SHAKE THE STONES TOGETHER and
RECITE THE RUNE AS BEFORE. Cast them into the circle, the answer will
be told by which of the stones are nearest the indicator stone. If
both are at equal distance, the answer is doubtful and can indicate
that the question was frivolous or insincere.

If however, you seek for guidance upon matters of a higher plane,
clairvoyance by one of the various methods of scrying will be more
suitable. Alternatively, you can make use of your Tarot cards, which
have the advantage of being able to give insight into affairs of
either the most mundane or the most metaphysical. Although Tarot
cards are now very expensive to own or collect, many modern Wiccans,
Pagans, Shamans and others, are photocopying as many different packs
as possible and pasting them on good quality cardboard. (please look
up the copyright laws in your area before doing this - Gwalchmai)
These can be successfully used for readings and meditation. If you
are artistic create your own Tarot pack by using the symbolism in any
other pack that appeals to you. No one should be without the Tarot as
a tool for magical work.


5.Crystal Ball Gazing *Author Unknown*

This technique is best if done with a Crystal Ball 2-5 inches in
diameter and works best on nights of the full moon.

If the purchase of a Crystal Ball is not within your budget, a bowl
of water with a Quartz Crystal cluster at the bottom will suffice.
True Quartz Crystal balls can be quite expensive. Also, never
substitute a resin or glass ball since they are ineffective for
anything other than children's games.

Light one or two candles in a darkened, quiet room. You can hold the
crystal or place it on a stand, but it should have a blue or black
velvet cloth underneath it. Make sure that there are no reflections
from anything showing in the ball. You can also burn incense if you
wish. Patchouli works great for me.

Before beginning, center yourself. Gaze into the ball, but do not
stare. Try not to blink that much. While you are gazing, breathe in
and out slowly and deeply. Just relax and gaze. You will feel a sense
of limitless time. Enjoy the peacefulness and simply gaze. Do this
for at least 15 minutes, and increase your time by 5 minutes with
each succeeding session.

Usually around the second or third session, you will notice a small
cloudy glow in the center of the crystal. This is your focusing area
where your visions will appear. You may get a vision on your first
try, while others have to attempt it several times before seeing
something. Go at your own pace.

Just a small warning: Always remember the saying "Be Careful What You
For" while gazing. Think about what you wish to see before gazing. On
my third session ( when I got my first vision ) I asked to see a
vision of my previous life. I saw myself burning to death in a house
fire. That was something that I didn't really enjoy remembering. Now
I find that it is best to just gaze and receive whatever comes to me.
Perhaps you can have more peaceful visions by doing that too.

There are also different forms that visions come in. You can get
actual visions of places and people, or you can get symbolic
pictures. Another form that visions come in are color clouds.
Although no one has been successful in identifying what each color
cloud means, the following has been pretty accurate for a lot of

* Blue clouds symbolize success of career or business

* Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow, and renewed
romance to come

* Gray/Dark gray symbolize ill fortune

* Black clouds symbolize some seriously bad stuff coming one's way

* Green clouds symbolize health, happiness of the heart

* Orange clouds symbolize hidden aggression and anger, troubled emotions

* Red clouds symbolize danger to come. This person must watch themselves

* Silver clouds symbolize troublesome times ahead followed by goodness

* White clouds symbolize very good fortune to come

* Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles

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